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Khanyi Mbau has found herself trending online after a lesbian sex tape leaked online..the video shows Khanyi Mbau performing lesbian acts on a fellow woman. According to eyewitness, Khanyi Mbau’s lesbian partner has been identified as Susan Dlamini, a 23 year old However, Khanyi Mbau took to her Instagram page to deny the Video, claiming the video was photoshopped and her face was super-imposed on the existing pictures and hence, should be disregarded. The statement reads: “My attention has been drawn to a concocted photograph/ video being circulated in the social media wherein my face was superimposed on an existing picture of persons engaging amorous conduct through the art of photo shopping. “This act is perpetrated by hodlums who are out to blackmail me or tarnish my image and promising career by presenting me in bad light. I wish to say that the said image is certainly not mine by any stretch of imagination. “I am a highly responsible person who was brought up in a family wi..

A brand started in 2008 by close friends Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs, the Cushnie Et Ochs brand is all about making all women look and feel stunning in sexy statement dresses and pieces. Top model Herieth Paul modelled a few pieces for the brands PRE-FALL 2017 collection and we must say they all look AMAZING. From jumpsuits and bodysuits to gowns and dresses, the collection is packed with sooooooooooooo many beautiful pieces. We just love when a collection feels right and Herieth really brought it to life with her striking poses. Our Editor’s Favourite Look View the full collection below and don’t be shy to drop a few comments for the designers about what you think about the looks and the pieces you are itching to grab. We also added a photo of the designers, Carly and Michelle at the bottom.For more on these beautiful pieces, visit To connect with Herieth Paul online, visit her Instagram at Herieth Paul The designers Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs Sh..

A Durban woman has been accused of paedophilia on Facebook after a video of her twerking with a toddler went viral. The clip of the athletic woman twerking with the laughing tot was filmed in Durban before being shared online. It remains unclear as to whether the woman in the video is the boy’s mother, however many viewers have taken that as face value – and made their shock clear. The short videos show the young woman bent over with her son in a nappy hugging her from behind and laughing as she twerks. The little boy moves his hips back and forth as he imitates her. He then runs around the room excitedly before coming back to hugs her from behind again, repeating his dance as the woman and the person behind the camera crack up with laughter. However not everybody found the scene so funny and the video caused outrage among some social media users. The clip was shared by one user Sbonelo pani who wrote: ‘What’s happening to this planet? How can we go back and start from scratch?..

Johanneburg-‘Jub Jub’ Behind Bars Again After Slap Kelly Khumalo in Tokoza,the he was take in by SAPS Flying Squad, Neighbours and staff at the home of Jackie Maarohanye, the mother of Molemo ‘Jub Jub’ Maarohanye, have exclusively revealed details around the disgraced rapper’s parole conditions – the specifics of which have been shrouded in secrecy by The Department of Correctional Services. Nine days after getting his freedom from behind bars at Leeuwkop Prison, Jub Jub’s life is now concealed from public view as he hides out at his mother’s suburban facebrick house, while waiting on sporadic police checks on his whereabouts. It’s a far cry from the fast-paced and glamorous life the rapper used to live prior to the 2010 incident, when he smashed his car into school children in Soweto, killing four and leaving two others brain damaged. His parole conditions have been cloaked in secrecy with The Department of Correctional Services insisting this information is private. “We don’t rev..

Barely two weeks after they made their first public appearance, Babes Wodumo is said to be pregnant with Cassper Nyovest’s baby. The cat was let out of the bag when Babes Wodumo posted a positive pregnancy test result on Instagram with the caption “Lil Cassper”. A friend of the couple said Babes was over the moon with joy after hearing the news while Cassper was not too happy about it. “Guess it’s because it was just a 1 night stand. Having a child out-of-wedlock will not go well with church principle”, the friend said adding that abortion was out of the question. Efforts to get comment from both Babes Wodumo drew a blank Source : Online Comments comments

DRINK RECIPE FOR WEIGHT LOSS: 125 g of horseradish 3 lemons (before you use them, put them in a container filled with water and a tablespoon of vinegar for 10 minutes to wash away all the pesticides) 3 tablespoons of honey Procedure: First, add 125 grams of horseradish in a blender and blend it well. The, cut the lemons (unpeeled), remove the seeds, and add them in the blender. Mix everything together until you get a smooth mixture. In the end, add three tablespoons of honey and mix everything well. You should keep the strongest drink in a sealed jar in the fridge. Dosage: Take one teaspoon of this balm twice a day along with meals for 3 weeks. Why is horseradish good for the health and his health benefits? Horseradish roots and leaves have been very well-known for their health benefits for hundreds of years. Horseradish contains more than 10-fold higher glucosinolates than broccoli, so you do not need much horseradish to benefit. Only a small amount of it on your steak is able..

Problems with weight are some of the most common ones nowadays. No matter the gender, people face this problem every day. They often feel bad and without self-confidence because of their excess weight. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we don’t achieve results. Luckily for you, in this article we’re going to present you a mixture that is going to help you lose up to 4 kg and 16 cm waist! Some people confess that they are not eating healthy and consume too many junk food which may result in weight gain. Later, that excess of weight might cause them numerous health issues. The mixture we’re presenting you is made of completely natural ingredients that will help you lose up to 4 kg and 16 cm waist! Note: This beverage has been used for centuries and it’s preparation is extremely simple. Take a look! HERE’S WHAT YOU WILL NEED TO DO: Ingredients: 8 glasses of water 1 medium-sized cucumber, peeled and cut into small pieces 1 medium-sized lemon, cut into small pieces 1 teaspoon of gr..

Hair loss is usually related with numerous different risk factors and reasons, such as: stress, pregnancy, menopause, weight loss, etc., but you should know that other reasons can promote and speed up the hair loss, too. It’s completely normal for your body to react to all stressful situations, but the bad thing is that its reaction often causes hair loss. Stress can particularly cause a hormonal imbalance and lead to excessive hair loss. In this article, we’re going to present you a recipe that will help you say goodbye to hair loss forever! It really works as magic! Hair loss is a problem that can affect your self-esteem and make you insecure. Many people spend tons of money on many expensive hair products, as well as treatment that don’t seem to help much. That’s why we’re going to present you a homemade shampoo that will help you say goodbye to hair loss and it won’t be a problem for you anymore! How to make my own homemade shampoo for hair loss? You will need: a natural shampoo..

Some of the oils have become very popular in recent times. People use them for numerous things. In this article we’re going to present you the magic of a particular oil on your hair! The woman who has tried it forgot about hair loss forever! Oils have been used since ancient times because of their amazing properties. They can be used in several ways and for various purposes. Here, we’re going to present you how to use an essential oil to prepare a really powerful homemade hair shampoo that has the ability to deal with anything from dandruff to loss of hair. Hair loss appears in both men and women. There are numerous different products sold on the market, but they’re often very expensive and some of them even don’t seem to do the trick. Here’s how to prepare your own hair shampoo that will help you prevent hair loss and also make it grow like insane! You will need hair shampoo with neutral pH. Put 2 pills of vitamin E into the shampoo and 10 drops of rosemary essential oil. You can..

The fat around your stomach otherwise known as belly fat is something we all despise, but we are all aware of the fact that it is the most difficult fat to get rid of. It is also something unpleasant aesthetically and can cause many different diseases and conditions. Luckily, today we’ve prepared you a very simple natural remedy! It will help you burn the fat around your stomach very fast and at the same time, your body will be provided with the most essential nutrients! Here’s how to prepare it: Ingredients: 100 gr. of plums 1 l. of purified water Preparation: Soak the plums in a bottle of water for a week. Then, strain this mixture and your drink is prepared! Use: Drink 1 glass of this remedy every morning on an empty stomach and then you’ll start to notice some improvements. Plums are a laxative ingredient rich in fiber that will certainly improve your digestion. They also contain antioxidants that can fight free radicals in the body. There have been some recent studies whi..
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