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According to a recent report,the late actor who died in an accident recently,Joe Mafela,had been told by his wife not to travel on the fateful day as she had a ‘feeling’ that something bad would happen,but he laughed it off and entered into his Ford. ”I was just born like that,when something bad is about to happen I just develop that ‘feeling’ that something bad is on the way although I cannot really tell the exact tragedy that can befall the victim. For instance I had told my husband just before he even started his journey but he took me for granted,see now he’s 6 feet under because he wouldn’t listen”,the comedian’s emotionally charged wife was quoted. For over four decades he has touched many lives through his work as a producer, comedian and actor on local television and film, as well as through his music, and his work in the community. He leaves behind his wife, three sons and a daughter and six grandchildren.Mafela has been in South African entertainment for over 50 years and ..

Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s grand daughter, Natasha Thahane, has found herself in an embarrassing situation that threatens to dent her good girl image. Natasha , who currently acts on local drama series,The Queen has been shown the exit for gross misconduct and questionable moral behaviour after she was allegedly photographed having s3x whith an old man. A video is doing the rounds showing a girl who appears to be Natasha engaging in s3x with an old man. it is not clear who leaked the tape. The video, which goes against everything that represents Natasha Thahane, has been heavily shared on social media and many people agreed that the lady in the video is indeed Natasha. Here’s a statement Mzansi Magic management released following the incident: “Natasha has been found to be in breach of our Code of Conduct as stipulated in our terms of employment, “At Mzansi Magic, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of values and integrity. We do not condone unethical or questionable moral ch..

1. “I’m single. I swear”. Most girls aren’t going to sleep with a guy if they suspect he has a girlfriend, so if a guy is dead set on cheating, he’s going to have to play the single dude for the night. If he’s made it to this point he’s not going to cave and say, “Oh alright, I have a girlfriend.” He’s going to look you right in the eye and swear up and down he’s single AF. 2. “I just want to cuddle.” The whole concept of “Netflix & chill” is based on giving hooking up a nickname that sounds non-threatening and completely innocent. Then if s_ex just happens to occur, it was because you just couldn’t resist each other. It certainly wasn’t planned. 3. “I think I’m in love with you.” I’m not sure how many girls this would actually work on, but there are definitely guys who will exaggerate their feelings for a girl in order to get in her pants. If it seems too soon for him to be professing his love, then he most likely has an ulterior motive. 4. “I’m bigger than average.” This really de..

Dagga and Mandrax with a combined value of R17 million were seized in the car that popular actor Joe Mofela had an accident with, provincial police said on Monday. Joe Mafela died when his car rammed into a bakkie. Police spokesperson Brigadier Marinda Mills said two suspects aged 25 and 27 were arrested. “The 23 bags of dagga, with a total weight of 486.2 kilogrammes and an estimated street value of R1,4 million, was confistiscated,” Mills said. “The vehicle, with registration number FJ99JHGP, was hired from Unitrans in Boksburg, Gauteng, and was also confisticated.” Meanwhile, on the same scene, a White Colt bakkie, driven by a 45-year-old male, was stopped when police observed that the canopy of the vehicle was too small for its long wheelbase. The vehicle was taken to the police station for proper investigation. “Upon searching the vehicle, police discovered 200 000 mandrax tablets with an estimated street value of R16 million in a hidden compartment of the canopy,” Mills sai..

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1. Because Silence is a Mood Killer They do it because silence is a mood killer. No, really it is. Plus, it takes a lot more work to keep quiet than it does to just release your inhibitions and enjoy yourself audibly. 2. Automatic Response to Pain It might be uncomfortable, or even if you’ve suddenly developed a leg cramp 3. To Increase Your Drive It’s hard to move past the day and get over the stress of real life. It is a way of getting your head back in the game so to speak. 4. To Make Him Feel Good Have you ever had fun with someone who was completely silent? It’s… well, it’s a letdown to be honest. You use all of your senses to have fun, and your audial senses should not be ignored! 5. To Change His Tone It’s a way of guiding him without actually “telling” him what to do. He uses this method on you as well; it really works both ways. 6. To Hurry Things up Sometimes you’re just not getting off and want him to hurry up so you can get on with whatever it is you were doing. ..
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