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Here’s a video of 2 Chainz getting high in the most expensive ways possible: with $500,000 of glassware and various cannabis products.The post Watch This: 2 Chainz Gets High in the Most Expensive Fashion for GQ appeared first on Leafly.

On a journey to the north of Serengeti National Park, Laura Griffith-Jones discovers that you don’t have to focus on the river crossings during the Great Migration to have some exceptional wildlife encounters. Picture copyright Michael Poliza Our red-letter day began just before dawn in a dark tent in a remote corner of the northern Serengeti. The music of the nocturnal African bush played loud in our ears as we crept along the torch-lit pathway a hyena had trodden the evening before. Clambering into our Land Cruiser, bleary eyed, we set off towards the Kogatende Airstrip and the Mara River. The engine growled sluggishly as the night sky became pinker, until it was stained deep purple. Our guide Bahati slowed the car to a halt and we watched in silence as the horizon turned mauve, then crimson, and the huge golden orb rose from the hills. I would have come to this 14,763sq-km park to experience that sunrise and nothing else. But most people flood here each year with one aim alone: to..

Laura Griffith-Jones speaks to Chris Mears, the new Chief Operating Officer of the African Travel & Tourism Association (Atta), and hears about his plans in the role What was your childhood like? I grew up in Surrey and was educated at boarding school, which taught me to stand on my own two feet. I was lucky enough, at school, to take part in a month-long expedition to Kenya. I decided that I needed to explore more of the continent, and from that, a lifelong passion has grown. Why and how did you get into the tourism industry? I took a gap year and travelled on an overland truck from London to Harare and then onwards to Cape Town. On my return, I reached out to people from my travels and started working at a specialist adventure tour operator — and haven’t looked back. Initially, my career was very much in retail. This made it possible for me to visit the continent regularly and start building contacts, many of which have developed into lifelong friendships. On one trip to Cape Town,..

Sarafina! in no show as actors strike By Julia Madibogo | 2017-04-20 11:45:11.0 Back to Home The cast of popular theatre production Sarafina! has downed tools due to no pay. Scores of pupils were turned away yesterday from the State Theatre in Pretoria because of the no-show by the actors. A teacher from a Johannesburg private school, said they were told there was no show when they arrived at the theatre in three buses. "We got here at 11am for our first show for the learners, but when we got here we were told there is no show because actors are on strike because Mbongeni Ngema (musical's director) didn't pay them," the teacher said. "The actors and actresses were busy pacing up and down here as we waited for the theatre manager to address us. "I saw Noxolo (Dlamini, the lead actress) a few times at the theatre," she added. According to the teacher, the school made arrangements to book their spot at the theatre last ..

This month's picks include blingtastic pre-rolled cones, coffee filters that deliver a different kind of buzz, surreptitious stash boxes, sleek tabletop vapes, and more!The post Butter Machines, Blingin’ Cones, and Lockboxes: The Best Cannabis Products for April 2017 appeared first on Leafly.

Discover five quality topicals pioneering the beauty industry with THC formulas. Recommended by a beauty editor, they're perfect for your skin care regimen.The post 5 THC Topicals Putting Cannabis Skin Care on the Map appeared first on Leafly.

Explore 10 THC-free hemp seed oil topicals, recommended by a beauty editor to replace everyday beauty products and become part of your skin care regimen.The post Hemp Seed Oil for Your Skin: 10 THC-Free Topicals to Explore appeared first on Leafly.

Learn about topics being covered at the 2017 Psychedelic Science Conference, from psychiatric breakthroughs to the boundaries of human consciousness.The post Psychedelic Science 2017 Conference: Leafly Reports From the Front Lines appeared first on Leafly.

The post New Strains Alert: Truffle Butter, Flo OG, Cookie Breath, and More appeared first on Leafly.

You should have sex without condom when you have a partner for a longer period of time. And yes you can avoid ending up being pregnant even without using a condom. Having a partner for a longer period of time does not mean that you are ready to have children, right? And in this article you will see how. -The safe week This is the time between the 8th day of the 20th day of a woman’s cycle. In other words, this means that you can have it on the first day of her period. -Withdrawal Method (pull and pray method) In this method the men pull out the penis from the women’s vagina, before he ejaculates, Moreover, this method is not always very promising, so don’t practice it too often. -Birth control pills This a very popular method and is very efficient. The pills will control the fertility of the women. Furthermore, before practicing this method, ask your doctor is it suitable for you. -The effective copper T This is very sophisticated method for a fertility prevention. The doctor place..
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