A Big Thank You To The Gallowgate Flags Group Who Will Now Cease To Exist


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Gallowgate Flags have done a great job since Rafa arrived and the flag display last Sunday for our game with Liverpool was more than outstanding.

But Gallowgate Flags announced yesterday they are ending but that other groups will be taking over the mantle, and there will continue to be flags on display at St. James’ Park.


Indeed a new group Leazes Flags has been formed to get flags displaying in the Leazes end of the ground.

An example of what Gallowgate Flags produced in such a short time

This is what Gallowgate Flags put out yesterday on their Twitter account:

The end of Gallowgate Flags – but not the end of displays.

A new group will take things forward.

Gallowgate Flags has reached a natural end.

We have raised over £20,000 of supporter money to create visual displays to support the team and manager. What started as a plan to get a couple of flags has turned into something much bigger.

We’ve achieved that goal, with Sunday’s display against Liverpool eclipsing anything we thought possible.

Thank you to Lee Marshall and NUFC who made this possible and welcomed us from the very start.

This isn’t the end of flag displays on the Gallowgate – all of the flags are still there and will be used.

And here’s a tweet from the Wor Hyem 1892 group on the closure:

So @WorHyem1892 will be taking over the work, and we also have the newly formed @FlagsLeazes group.

Things are in good hands with these two groups.

A big thank you to Gallowgate Flags and all who participated for helping to improve the atmosphere at St. James’ Park.

A great job was done by all and it’s fans like this that make Newcastle United so great.

Howay The Lads!!

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