Headmaster transferred for allowing MCP candidate to hold rally at school ground in Nsanje Lalanje


    The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) madness in Nsanje Lalanje Constituency has reached uncontrollable levels as they are suspecting everyone in the constituency to be a sympathizer of opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

    The latest madness has been the transfer of Nkhadzi Primary School Head teacher Mr Chikoti to Misamvu.

    “His sin was to allow MCP candidate to hold a campaign rally at the school ground,” said our source on the ground who wondered why DPP overzealous gurus would abuse their powers like that.

    “What the headteacher did is normal. They accommodate all candidates. Why targeting him? This is unfair,” said a local Civil Society Organization official in the area.

    It appears MCP is gaining ground in the constituency and their candidate Lawrence Sitolo appears will win the seat in the 17th October 2017 elections.

    Meanwhile, the DPP party candidate Mganda, failed to turn up during a political debate today. Only Sitolo stole the limelight.

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