Why is he called Major One? US journalist was also puzzled


    That was one of the 19 questions a US journalist asked me in a questionnaire she sent August 12 2017.

    Well, I am certain it is not just the US journalist. I get such questions often and I am sure most of you, dear readers, also share such.

    Now look here …

    Major, yes, is a military name and we all know militarism has something to do with being brave, with being focused and with being unfazed with opinions of the enemy. Like that old Chinese saying: A cat is never fazed by opinions of the mouse.

    To Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, the label Major One was given to symbolize his spirit of being brave, of being focused and, of course, of not flinching to loud opinions of those always against him.

    He is the Major, or Major One—the determined military leader of the spiritual flock at war with forces of poverty, anguish, Satanism, envy, jealousy, devilishness and everything evil under the sun.

    He wasn’t, of course, just given the name. He earned, he earns and, surely, he will always earn it.

    Well, I have picked 10 real life stories about him that earned him the name. However, I will share only one. You can read the rest in the book on the cards this December.

    Remember the Youth Business Symposium in Blantyre in January this year where Prophet Bushiri was a guest speaker?
    As a lead organiser, I almost gave up—just 48 hours to the event.

    All other key speakers at the event withdrew, one by one, from being part of it citing their various questions.

    Some key invited artists, one by one, pulled out at the eleventh hour, some even threatening to sue us for inviting them.

    State broadcaster, Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), carried series of articles brandishing the event as an opposition political rally, calling Prophet Bushiri all sorts of name bordering on character assassination.

    A number of key online publications in Malawi were at their worse. They ridiculed the event, redesigned our posters, and scandalized Prophet Bushiri— all this just to keep the public away from the event.

    With the withdrawals and increased propaganda that was channeled against the event, I was the saddest human being on earth. With my team, we had dedicated much of our time, resources and energy to get it done. We expected acceptance, not rejection.

    Dazed, with just a day to go, I called the Prophet for updates and made it clear to him that, with how events are unfolding, its better we cancel the event because I am seeing no one turning up to it.

    Do you know what he told me?

    I am Major One, he said, adding: “I am unfazed with opinions of those whose agenda is to deviate me from the road to my destiny. I have a vision, Ephraim.”

    He added: “Arrange my coming. I am coming to speak and inspire young Malawians who wants my voice. They are many but, unfortunately, they don’t have the power to own the media platforms to defend me. I am coming for them and you will see how they will flood in and outside Robins Park will fill up and thousands will be outside.”

    True to his words, Robins Park, we all remember, was parked to the brim.
    After the event, he called and said: “What did I tell you?”

    I am, today, a testimony of the Major One spirit. He is brave, he is focused and he is unfazed with opinions of those thinking they will stop him. He knows where he is going.

    To those always nosy to tell his negatives, I have a word for you: He is Major One—the military leader of the spiritual flock at war with forces of poverty, anguish, Satanism, devilishness, jealousy, envy and everything evil under the sun.

    Major One

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