Lord Denning tears apart Malawi Attorney General Charles Mhango’s alibi on Gonapamuhanya violence


    The Attorney General in Malawi, Mr. Charles Mhango, has pleaded not guilty on accusations that he was among the agitators of the Gonapamuhanya terror attacks in Rumphi which left a Zambian delegate dead and several opposition members harassed, stoned, chased and hacked.

    It was reported that DPP officials including Jappie Mhango (MP); Goodall Gondwe (MP); and the Attorney General (Charles Mhango) were the ones who sponsored the attacksMedia reports also exposed that 250 cadets were ferried in three trucks from Rumphi north, a constituency of Jappie Mhango. According to credible media reports, each cadet was given MK6000 and the money was contributed by the three mentioned and was handed over to the DPP regional governor Mr. Kenneth Sanga who distributed to the notorious cadets.

    It was further confidently revealed that the Attorney General, who is a DPP die hard and originates from the North, instructed the cadets to deal with Aford President Enoch Chihana and destroy his car.

    In the light of the exposure, the Attorney General has, this morning, erected to defend himself from the accusations. The Attorney General has cited ALIBI in his defence:

    “I was in Lusaka, attending the COMESA meeting of Ministers of Justice and Attorneys General, at the time the Gonapamuhanya cultural event was taking place,” he said on his Facebook Timeline.

    In legal spheres, ALIBI is an excuse to avoid blame. It is basically a claim of evidence that one was elsewhere when the alleged criminal act took place.

    However, since the allegations are that he only took part in sponsoring the bundits who carried out the terror attacks and not throwing the stones and hacking the people himself, Lord Denning finds that the Attorney General has preferred an invalid defence.

    Given the various channels of communication and money transfers, and the role that he is being accused of playing, defence of alibi CANNOT work. He, probably, should find another defence because alibi would collapse.

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