Key Question Answered About Amanda Staveley’s Interest In Buying Newcastle


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We looked up some information about Amanda Staveley this morning, and she is listed as worth around £110M, which is not the very rich person or consortium that Mike Ashley has talked about buying.

We, therefore, thought she would probably be working on behalf of some consortium from the Middle-East and advising them during any potential sale of Newcastle United.

But the Mail are reporting today that would not be the case and that in this case she would be the lead buyer and would, therefore, be the official owner of Newcastle United f the deal was completed.

Here’s a quote from the article by Ian Ladyman:

“She would be the lead buyer, with backing. Previously she has been a broker. Not this time.”

And that is also consistent with the news from the Chronicle that a group of Newcastle fans have been working for a while to try to get Amanda interested in buying Newcastle United from current owner Mike Ashley.

As we all know Mike Ashley is not exactly trusted by the Newcastle fans.

Amanda Staveley – potential new Newcastle owner – she looks better than Mike

Her PCP Capital Partners fund has £28B under management, and she has been enormously successful as a financial adviser in her stellar career.

Presumably, Amanda would look for other investors to put the money together if she does lodge a bid for Newcastle United but she would be the principal owner.

Staveley was instrumental in assisting Thaksin Shinawatra to sell Manchester City to Abu Dhabi’s Sheik Mansour back in 2008, and she would likely be a popular owner at Newcastle.

If she does happen to buy Newcastle then the Gallowgate Flags group would need to get busy putting some flags together – maybe like this one from @joe1989nufc?

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