Government clueless on “blood suckers”


    The Malawi government appears to be clueless about perpetrators of ‘blood suckers’ incidences in Mulanje and surrounding areas which so far have left five people dead.

    Addressing the press in Lilongwe both Minister of Information and Communications, Nicolas Dausi, and Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Henry Mussa, described the attacks as ‘mythical’ calling for concerted effort to deal with the situation.

    Mussa and Dausi speculated that they suspect political influence in these attacks

    Mussa said the whole issue hinges on superstition as there is no evidence of any person ‘sucked of blood’ in affected areas adding that government will deploy a team to intensify civic education countrywide to stop the killings.

    But, both Mussa and Dausi speculated that they suspect political influence in these attacks aimed at tarnishing the image of the current administration.

    “Why only one part of the country affected by these attacks? And where are all the 55 political parties in this country, where are the 515 CSOs? Why are they quiet on this issues where life has been lost? This silence gives us an indication that some people are behind the attacks to score political points” said Dausi.

    The two ministers also appealed to donors not to rush to withdraw their workers in affected areas saying the situation is under control.

    Dausi particularly sent a message to development partners that they should learn to inform government before writing their governments about the situation in the country.

    Meanwhile, Mussa said the way the issue is being portrayed may affect tourism which contributes significantly to the economy.

    According to Dausi president Peter Mutharika has directed a 24-hour operation in all affected areas to tighten security.

    However, he could not explain what the operation is all about.

    “Take it as such. It’s from the president” he said.

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