Court adjourns Area 18A water contamination case


    The High Court in Lilongwe has adjourned the Area 18A water contamination case to November 16 2017 for preliminary hearing.

    This comes after the court on September 6 2017 gave the three institutions involved Lilongwe City Council, Malawi Housing Corporation (MHC) and Lilongwe Water Board 14 days to defend the summons against them.

    Area 18A residents are, through their lawyers, demanding compensation of K4 million each, for being supplied with and consuming sewer-contaminated water.

    Executive Director for the Lawyers Forum for Human Rights that is representing the Area 18A group, Chance Mwalubunju, said that two institutions have responded to the summons that the court delivered earlier.

    “The hearing on the preliminary issues will deal with procedural law which governs the procedures to be undertaken, as well as hear technical issues that the defendants have raised,” he said

    Mwalubunju said, among the three, MHC is yet to respond, since it was served later than the other institutions.

    MHC is yet to respond because they were served late since we obtained the summons in Lilongwe and we had to serve them in Blantyre,” he said

    Area 18 residents resorted to contest the matter in court after the three institutions denied liability when they [residents] made compensation demands.

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