Amanda Staveley To Have Further Talks On Newcastle Takeover In Next Few Days


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The Telegraph and Luke Edwards are reporting today that Amanda Staveley met with top Newcastle United officials Lee Charnley, Keith Bishop, and Justin Barnes in the Newcastle United Boardroom on Sunday after the game.

Keith Bishop is Mike Ashley’s PR rep, Lee is the Managing Director, and Justin Barnes is the man appointed by Ashley to oversee a sale of Newcastle if one materializes.

And it seems she wants to have further meetings soon with the Newcastle hierarchy regarding a potential takeover of the club.

Justin Barnes job is also to make sure the financial books are in good shape so that any takeover can move quickly and not get bogged down.

There were also reports yesterday that Amanda had a talk with manager Rafa Benitez after the game on Sunday.

The talks are at an early stage, but the Telegraph are reporting things have moved forward since Sunday.

Amanda was also a guest of Newcastle and not of former Liverpool and Newcastle manager Kenny Dalglish as previously reported.

The talks at the moment are simply tentative as Amanda gets the information she needs to see if she wants to pursue the acquisition to any further level.

The fact that she is able to communicate directly with Justin Barnes is thought to be an important development.

It is still not really known whether Ashley is willing to sell the club outright or whether he is only looking for a cash injection into the club as an investment.

With Newcastle’s future looking bright financially as long as we can keep Rafa Benitez as the manager, we suspect Ashley will want to keep control so he will want to keep at least 51% of the club.

These are the types of questions Amanda Staveley will be asking in the next few days.

Ashley will likely be a difficult person to negotiate with since he will no doubt try to get the best deal possible for himself if he does decide to sell Newcastle outright.

Staveley was of course at the game on Sunday, and that was reported heavily, but she was also at the last home game when we beat Stoke City 2-1, according to the Telegraph report.

We should know shortly whether Amanda Staveley’s interest in buying Newcastle is a serious one.

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