BBC Apologize To Newcastle For Unfortunate Error – Sunderland Fans Involved?


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What has Newcastle United ver done to the BBC?

On a broadcast of the game yesterday, the subtitles showed Newcastle United being called “black and white scum” in subtitles broadcast on Match of the Day 2.

Give me a break.

Football writer Paul Brown spotted the gaffe and tweeted a screenshot of the phrase from Sunday night’s show – good for him.

The explanation from BBC was that commentator Guy Mowbray was talking about Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge’s excellent form against Newcastle and that he had scored five goals against us.

But according to the BBC the subtitling software was the culprit and misunderstood the word “comma”.

Yeah – right.

In place of the comma, they inserted the word “scum” into the text which was displayed on the screen.

OK, can we please have the Sunderland fans who were responsible for this stand-up and admit they did it – and how they did it.


A BBC spokeswoman tried their best to try to explain the embarrassing error:

“Our live subtitling service is normally very accurate and makes our content much more accessible.”

“But there are times when unfortunate errors occur.”

“On this occasion the error was spotted and corrected immediately.”

Maybe Newcastle can sue the BBC for a few million pounds, and we could use that money to buy some good players?

But we suspect Sunderland fans were involved ……. somehow.


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