Napham asks youths to disclose status


    National Association for People living with HIV/Aids in Malawi (Napham) has asked young people in Rumphi to disclose their status to teachers and service providers to get timely assistance befitting their status.

    Napham district coordinator Naomi Dzuwa said his during a meeting in Rumphi where the youth living with HIV bring their concerns to the attention of service providers and authorities.

    Dzuwa interacting with the youth last week

    Napham conducts these tell-all sessions in Hewe, Mlowe, Mphompha and Lukali, Chankhomi in the district.

    “The youth face numerous challenges to access health, education and nutritional services in communities where they live. Some are ill-treated, while others face stigma and discrimination. Sadly, they rarely report such cases to responsible authorities who can help them deal with the challenges,” said Dzuwa.

    Parents, whose children are living with the virus that causes Aids, said disclosing one’s status to service providers eases access to vital services.

    One parent recounted being heartbroken when teachers penalised his son for late coming since they did not know that he takes ARV and needed to eat before going to school. n

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