Liberating Malawi from the thuggery and undemocratic culture of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in Malawi: PHASE ONE

    DPP cadets

    Malawi has turned to anarchy, espionage, barbaric, violent, undemocratic and pariah the past 23 years.

    The blood, the prisons and efforts that our liberation icons sacrificed to democratize and pluralise our political system has been in vain.

    Soon Malawi will burn into full blown war of ethnicity if no appropriate measures are considered and taken into action. Malawi politics has twisted from national affairs to individual affairs; no wonder politicians have no will to condone the status quo.

    This trend indicate any political party or leader that comes after 2019 will do likewise. It has become a culture that politics in Malawi means absolute powers.

    As MAENGA and I believe all our sister institutions Transformation Alliance, Malawi Freedom Network, DEFENDERS OF THE FUTURE OF MALAWI, and many more well wishers are concerned to see and let this country we call home to be spilling down the drain on our watch.

    We have every belief that opposition parties and leaders are all of the same opinion. Our nation has lost direction and senses. We are now a directionless nation that is moving like a headless chicken.

    Life is in towns, cities, villages, and countrysides have reached a degree of disease.

    No one knows where we are heading to? As per economist Kachajes’ assertions to representative of World Bank and IMF no citizen has any idea as to where Malawi is heading to now or in the short or long term basis.

    There is too much self deception, too much distortion amongst ourselves, political egotism and selfishness. These evils have taken over our nation leaving citizens hopeless and disgruntled.

    Our policy of the future has disintegrated we are a CLUELESS nation obsessed by pocket and monetary power-thirsty.

    Among us there are some who are feeling pain seeing this lovely motherland taking this path and direction, given chance and opening could turn the tables.

    MAENGA GROUP is coming with a suggestion and proposition to the few patriots who are crying for this nation to consider. The total decolonization of the mindset instilled at the dawn of multiparty dispensation can be achieved by following these steps below.

    Political demographic statistics indicate the Lhomwe belt has about 900,000 voters, Southern Region minus Lhomwe belt has about 1,300,000 registered voters. Central region has 1,100,000 voters and northern region has about 800,000 voters.

    With our current First Past the Post system DPP the party that is causing havoc and disarray automatically has 36% of the votes if improved 40%.

    Meaning MCP has 30+%, PP 26%, UDF 4%. Taking in mind the current trend of events and dissatisfaction of citizens MAENGA has its own trajectory of opinion poll.

    As it stands DPP approval rate has dwindled from 36% to 26% which means 700,000 votes, UDF has trimmed it’s rate to 1.5%, PP with the absence of its leader has declined to 20%, MCP as an alternative way out has improved to 42% approval rate.

    But there is more room for manipulation by DPP/UDF alliance looking at evil pattern of voting in Malawi which is regionalism.

    “Regionalism put DPP/UDF on the upper hand to rig the results.

    PHASE ONE OF LIBERATION OF MALAWI is to combine all opposition votes together and face the bedroom alliance of DPP/UDF which automatically will outsmart and unseat this undemocratic and thuggery government of Peter Mutharika.

    New parties have been established with new ideas, others have reformed and rebranded and they are making inroads.

    MAENGA proposes a coalition of all opposition parties in Malawi to form a government in 2019 up to 2024. This government will have to mould and restructure the statecraft that will be governed by the rule of law with all checks and balances dogs restored and teethed.

    There are patriots whose dreams are not positions and power but restorative order.

    It just takes patriotism to think of the country for this to work. If it is agreed negotiations must start now so that shadow government must start working on mechanisms and modalities in preparation for 2019. This coalition must leave no opposition party outside; it must be called Grand Coalition for Restoration.

    This strategy appeal to Lazarus Chakwera, Joyce Banda, Kamuzu Chibambo, George Nnensa, Gondwe, Chisi, Sam Mpasu, Moses Kunkuyu, Chris Daza, Enock Chihana and all interested groups.

    If endorsed the Chairperson and MAENGA can facilitate consultations and negotiations with the first meeting scheduled to be held in South Africa so that those in the diaspora to attend.

    Malawi has been destroyed and left to rot because of individual power.

    Laws of Malawi do not hold the nation any more.

    It’s time men and women of diverse political ideologies forge ahead and finetune our nation all over again.

    Saunders Jumah, is a Maravi Post contributor from the MAENGA Group

    The views expressed in this article are not necessarily those of the Publisher or the Editor of the Malawian Watchdog.

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