Rafa Benitez On Whether he Could Ever Return To Manage Liverpool


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Since leaving Liverpool in 2010 Rafa Benitez has managed Inter-Milan and Napoli in Italy and Real Madrid in Spain.

His most successful spell during that time was with Napoli – for two seasons from 2013.

He is now manager of Newcastle United.

And we know his family has continued to live in Liverpool since he went on his travels seven years ago.

A significant advantage to managing at Newcastle United is that he is close to his home in the Wirral and he can visit his family on a regular basis.

Rafa Benitez – Newcastle’s celebrated manager

In the lead-up to our game at home to Liverpool tomorrow afternoon, he was asked yesterday if he had ever been close to returning to manage Liverpool after he left in 2010; this is what he said:

“It’s quite difficult, because I have been in Italy, or Madrid, or moving around.”

“It hasn’t come at the right time. If they have problems and you are unavailable, sometimes you are available and they are doing well.”

“I didn’t have too many chances to go back. It’s football, so you never know.”

“I’m getting older, but for a manager, I’m still a young manager, so we’ll see what happens.”

Rafa was then asked a slightly different question – if he could ever see himself returning to manage Liverpool in the future:

“I don’t want to say I will go back.” “They were asking me in Spain when they were talking about the national team one day.”

“I said ‘oh yeah’. It seems like you are pushing for it one day, but that is not the case.”

“I am happy here, I want to do well here and I wish Jurgen Klopp a lot of success.”

“It is all in the future, but I don’t want any: ‘Rafa wants to go back.'”

“Nothing like that because I am happy here and I want to do well here.”

Rafa is at a great club right now with massive potential and returning to do something you were very successful at in the past usually doesn’t work out.

Kevin Keegan and others can attest to that.

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