DPP controlled Malawi Police stops MCP rally in Ndirande Malabada to frustrate Sidik Mia

    Mia was due to attend the rally ( In the Pic is Mia and his lovely wife Abida)

    The Malawi Police service has once again demonstrated to be failing to practice neutrality after it cancelled the opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) rally for no reasons in Ndirande Malabada on Thursday.The 17 October bye-elections will also take place in Ndirande Malabada ward hence and just like any other party contesting in the ward, MCP also had organized a rally to woo people to support their candidate only to be told by the DPP controlled police that they will not conduct the rally.

    “No reasons were given,” said our source on the ground and hinted that the move was probably aimed at frustrating MCP’s face in the southern region, Sidik Mia, who was due to attend the rally as the main speaker.

    “You know the political temperature is high especially in Nsanje Lalanje constituency, DPP top gurus are having sleepless nights with the Mia factor there hence doing everything possible to frustrate his efforts.

    “However, it appears MCP may get the Nsanje Lalanje Constituency seat and DPP can’t withstand that reality hence using every tactic inside or outside the book to frustrate him but it appears to be too late,” said the source.

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