Malawi govt says President Mutharika return date not an issue for now


    Malawi government spokesman has declared that the issue of when President Peter Mutharika will return to the country remains unnecessary for now after other heads of State left New York to their respective countries at the end of the 2017 United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

    Malawi President Mutharika addressed the UN general assembly

    Mutharika left the country on September 15th to attend the 72nd United Nations General Assembly which started on September 19 and ended on 22 September in New York.

    When asked to say specifically on Times TV ‘Hot Current’ program when President Mutharika was due back in the country, government spokesman Nicholous Dausi was evasive.

    “His date of return will be communicated later,” he said.

    Dausi could not give details of Mutharika’s exact date of arrival.

    Government spokesman was also elusive on the travel budget and other expenses for Malawi delegation to UNGA.

    George Kasakura, government’s fierce critic, in his comments on ‘Hot Current’ accused the DPP government for its refusal to be accountable to Malawians.

    “It is arrogance by a bunch of politicians who think they are Alpha and Omega of this country and free to do with it whatever they want,” he argued.

    Kasakura and Brian Banda on the program said last year Francis Kasaila duped us all when he was Minister of Foreign Affairs by saying that government will account for the UNGA tab but upon return he told journalists that he does not report to them but Parliament. When Parliament met, no UNGA report was tabled.

    Meanwhile on Capital Radio leader of the Malawi Forum for Unity and Development(MAFUNDE) George Nnesa saud Malawians should always be informed about the whereabouts of the president, regardless of whether he is conducting government or private business.

    “The government is being very arrogant by not letting people know because this is not the first time that we have such a scenario. Most leader that were there have returned to their countries, there is nothing wrong in coming clean and telling the people that he is on holiday,” Nnesa added.

    And Executive Director of the Youth and Society Charles Kajoloweka, said people are mostly speculating because there is no transparency.

    “If we were able to mobilise ourselves and demand accountability, this would have easily been prevented. But they are doing this because they know that Malawians will let it go, just like they always do,” Kajoloweka added.

    Mutharika left Malawi for UNGA on a chartered plane to South Africa from where he connected on a commercial flight to New York.

    Some members of his delegation have since returned home.

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