Malawi: An incarnate chaotic state

    Mutharika: Malawi President

    At times I am made to laugh at how Malawi, as a nation, conducts her business.

    At times I feel sorry at the “managerial” thinking capabilities of the so called managers.

    If you are to get connected to the basic services: Water, electricity; it’s either you have a relative working at the service providing institution or you are compelled to cough something. And it is “normal”. It’s not corruption at all. Palm-oiling. (Kukonza kapansi kuti kam’mwamba katsike)

    And when our public institutions want to hire people, they play around with our misery, mocking our impoverished state.

    The Police shortlisted a bloated number last year

    The MDF followed in the same footsteps.

    The Immigration Department has just performed the same script; laughing at our destitution. I mean, how on earth can they shortlist 12000+ candidates when they know pretty well that they just want 150? Yes you heard me right, a hundred and fifty!

    We know we have an economy that performs exceptionally well on paper.
    We know that job creation is just a political song.

    PLEASE avoid ‘games’ meant to mock our misery.

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