DPP thug apprehended for removing MCP flags in Nsanje Lalanje constituency: Malawi bye-elections

    The thug being given manners as the residents took him to police

    NSANJE (Malawian Watchdog)—The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) appears to be losing ground in Nsanje Lalanje Constituency as they have embarked on intimidation tactics in their desperate bid of winning the Nsanje Lalanje constituency bye-election.

    Yesterday, the DPP operative’s dispatched thugs all the way from Blantyre to cause havoc in the constituency.They went about beating people and removing MCP flags which are just everywhere arguing only DPP flags are supposed to be flying in the area as it is the ruling party.

    “Bangula students started stoning them [The thugs] and the residents in the area apprehended them and surrendered one of them to the Police Station while teaching him some manners on the way,” said an eye witness.

    It appears MCP is on track to grab this constituency hence DPP being in panic mood. The MCP candidate Lawrence Sitolo, came second during the 2014 elections and is popular among the locals unlike his main competitor, wife to the late President Ganda, whom residents are accusing her of being Nkwenya [a daughter in-law in the area] hence the jittery feeling towards her bid.

    “We better vote for our own son and not someone who came here as a result of marriage. She must go back to her home,” said one resident who identified himself as Joseph.

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