Youth MP calls for early retirement


    Mzuzu City youth parliamentarian Mwaiye Jere has asked government and non-governmental organisations to reduce the retirement age to create openings for the youth.

    The youth legislators made the plea during the belated commemoration of International Youth Day held in Mzuzu on Friday.

    Mkandawire: We have seen the
    potential of the youth

    He said many young Malawians who have completed their education and attained good qualifications are still jobless because existing jobs are occupied by the elderly.

    “I ask government and other non-State actors to consider reducing the retirement age to create vacancies for the youth. If people retire at a vibrant age, they might use their retirement payouts and savings to venture into other equally good enterprises,” Jere said.

    Mzuzu City Mayor William Mkandawire applauded the youth for various skills exhibited at the event.

    “Today, we have witnessed a lot of potential of the youth. They have demonstrated to us what they can do using their skills. Given an opportunity to express their skills, they can help develop the country,” he said.

    Various organisation displayed several skills in welding, clothing designs, engineering and farming.

    The theme of the day amplifies the role of the skilled youth in building peace in a world grappling with population, health, environmental and developmental challenges. n

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