WVM donates to health centre


    In a bid to alleviate challenges people of Traditional Authority Nthondo in Ntchisi District were facing, World Vision Malawi (WVM) has donated mattresses and medical equipment to Nthondo Health Centre.

    The donation came at a time when most women in the facility’s maternity wing were sleeping on beds without mattresses, according to WVM area programme team leader Edward Phakameya.

    A midwife technician checks a woman’s blood pressure with a BP machine

    “It was pathetic seeing our women sleeping on hard surfaces before and even after delivery. This made their stay at the facility uncomfortable. Besides that, there were inadequate BP machines for checking blood pressure,” he said.

    Phakameya also said his organisation complements government’s efforts in ensuring provision of quality health services to the citizenry.

    While commending WVM for the gesture, Traditional Authority Nthondo advised staff at the health centre to take care of property and ensure that it serves the intended beneficiaries.

    “This is government property. As such, we don’t expect these items, especially the mattresses, to end up in your respective homes,” he said.

    In her remarks, Ntchisi district nursing officer Salome Mavuka described the donation as timely.

    She said: “We always encourage our women to deliver at a health facility because that is the only place where they can get the best care during and after childbirth. It is only proper that we have all the needed equipment in these facilities to create a conducive environment.”

    About 50 women deliver at Nthondo Health Centre per month. n

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