Fredokiss, Lucius remix Ali Ndi Njira Zawo


    Youthful rapper Fredokiss has teamed up with Lucius Banda on a remix of the veteran’s old-time hit Ali Ndi Njira Zawo.

    This is the song from Lucius third album, Down Babylon, in which he highlights the suffering of poor Malawians who keep getting poorer and going to bed hungry while the rich and those in power keep getting richer.

    Fredokiss: Selfish people keep plundering

    Fredokiss raps the widening gap between the rich and the poor despite the demands and strides to reduce these inequalities.

    “With the increased corruption and looting of public resources, only the rich will keep getting rich. The poor will keep languishing in poverty. Our country will not stop singing a song of poverty because selfish people keep plundering public resources to enrich themselves,” he says.

    Lucius wrote the song to censure social injustices perpetrated by political leaders that came into power after the restoration of democracy through a 1993 National Referendum.

    In an interview, he said the remix is a continuation of his fight against the oppression of the poor.

    He said: “This time, Ali Ndi Njira Zawo has been given an urban face because the issues tackled in the songs also affects the urban generation.

    “I am happy to work with Fredokiss who has added his weight on our advocacy work to help liberate the poor from the chains of political wickedness.”

    Fredokiss, who is popularly revered as Ghetto King-kong, released the track last week.n

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