#DoYouStories launched by Puma, event attended by South African actress Nomzamo Mbatha


Miss Mbatha’s known for her charitable and nurturing spirit as she believes that had it not been the same spirit from others, she would not have made it to be at this level of success.

PUMA South Africa invited Miss Mbatha to be part of this educational documentary series launch, as part of their Global Do You Campaign, which she is part of alongside global stars Rihanna, Cara Delevigne. A campaign inspired by Rihanna, a call to PUMA ambassadors to use their various platforms for good and change, to celebrate and promote individuality in all aspects.

“I am a product of what the goodwill of others can achieve in one’s life and it’s for this reason that I jumped on the opportunity to support the #DoYouStories as documented by Cara where she’s encouraging young women to use their voices against various social injustices that they face daily.”

Nomzamo’s set to launch her own charitable cause through her foundation, The Lighthouse, her focus being breaking the taboo stereotypes regarding mental illness in modern day society.

“I have been asked on many occasions to be part of various organizations in charity. To me, it always has to be using my platform for a greater purpose and to be mindful that there are human emotions behind these stories. It is not for entertainment value and NEVER for gaining public favor. It’s about taking time out to fully understand what you’re committing to champion so that you advocate for it with a greater understanding & sensitivity. It’s the very thing I hope to impart to others.”

Nomzamo Mbatha is a South African television & film actress, entertainer, philanthropist and spokesmodel for Neutrogena, AUDI, PUMA, L’Oreal Hair.

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