Thyolo youths want economic empowerment


    Youths in Thyolo have appealed to government and non-governmental organisations to provide socio-economic activities to help fight unemployment, poverty and land pressure.

    The call was made on Wednesday during a stakeholders meeting to appreciate social challenges and find solutions among the youth organised by Civil Society Forum for Democracy and Development (CFDD).

    One of the participants from Youth in Action Organisation (YAO), Ronald Tepetheya, said they need entrepreneurship skills because agriculture cannot help due to shortage of land in the area.

    Bokosi: Youths are labelled
    loan defaulters

    He said: “Even if we have all the land, it is not enough to make it in agriculture because of high population. Wages at estates do not meet one’s needs in the current poor economy. Vocational skills should be intensified to ensure that we have a bright future.”

    Thyolo District Youth Network chairperson Charles Bokosi said most organisations’ youth empowerment programmes do not meet their needs as coordinators are mostly elders.

    He said youths are labelled State loans defaulters because beneficiaries are political party members, not ordinary Malawians.

    CFDD national secretary Kingsley Mabalani said they will empower youths to ensure that they demand development from duty-bearers.

    “Youths, as future leaders, need these platforms to voice out their concerns for proper delivery of development projects,” he said.

    Youth unemployment in the country is said to be on the rise as job opportunities are scarce.

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