Minibus owners form parallel association


    There is division among minibus operators in the country as some have formed and registered a parallel association called Minibus Operators Association despite the already existing Minibus Owners Association of Malawi (Moam).

    One of the interim leaders in the new association Pacharo Nkhwazi said they decided to form the new body after noting that Moam was not serving its purpose.

    Moam secretary general Coxley Kamange

    He said Moam executive registered the association as a limited company against their wish, and that it now runs as a personal entity and lacks accountability.

    Registered in November 2016, the new association has over 30 members.

    Nkhwazi further added that the association strives to provide conducive environment that will promote growth of the minibus business, speak with one voice on problems faced by minibus operators and assist each other when in financial predicament.

    “We will also observe that government rules, regulations and bylaws are properly followed by all minibus operators and that they cooperate with stakeholders in the transport industry and local authorities,” he said.

    The fight between the two factions started way back in 2012, when they dragged each other to court when the breakaway faction questioned the turning of the association into a limited company and the general welfare of Moam.

    The court ruled in favour of Moam executive arguing that the other faction had no argument as it did not have bonafide members of Moam.

    Reacting to the news, Moam secretary general Coxley Kamange said as Moam they have no problem with other people forming their own association.

    “Everybody is free to form or join any association. What baffles us is the fact that they are talking bad things about us instead of selling their agenda. As Moam we do not want to engage in a fight let alone through media. What they are doing is defamation,” said Kamange.

    He added that as Moam they are planning to meet over the issue and map the way forward.

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