Aford threatens to sue govt over refugees’ relocation


    The opposition Alliance for Democracy (Aford) has threatened to take government to court if it continues with plans to relocate the refugee camp from Dzaleka in Dowa to Katili in Karonga.

    Since Capital Hill announced the plan last year, people in Karonga have been divided on the matter. Those opposing cite security concerns while those in support of the idea argue that it will help develop the area.

    Speaking when he relaunched the party at Karonga Community ground yesterday, Aford leader Enoch Chihana urged people in the district to oppose the decision on the camp.

    Chihana (R) introduces Mwenifumbo during the rally

    “The refugees will destroy our culture, some of these that are here, they ran away after killing people in Burundi and Somalia, some will come with Ebola and there is no medicine. If government tries to do that, we will block them.

    “The land belongs to the people, and if they say no, no government can go against us. As Aford, we are ready to take the matter to court if they start implementing that,” he said.

    Karonga Central parliamentarian Frank Mwenifumbo, who has long been opposing the project, reiterated that he will not live to see the project implemented.

    “People of Karonga are detesting implementation of the project because it is not the aspiration of the people of Karonga. This is a project that is being imposed on the people of Karonga and it is basically contrasting the norm of democracy,” said Mwenifumbo.

    But Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs Sam Madula has challenged, saying it does not represent the interests of people in Karonga, or Katili in particular.

    He said people from Katili have been calling to ask when government would start implementing the project, a thing he said shows that people in the area support the project. n

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