Waache promises mature urban music



    p-and-coming urban musician Titus Herman aka Waache says music lovers should expect more mature lyrics from him as he promises to take urban music to another level.

    Waache, whose single Asiye azikamba featuring DNA is enjoying air play in most of the local radio stations, said despite his busy schedule as a banker, he will dedicate part of his free time to music.

    Waache: Music is in my vein

    “Music is in my vein, people should expect more, good and mature music from me,” said Waache who plans to launch his album in early December.

    The Chimwankhunda township resident said he is in the studio working on the album which is being recorded and produced by Sispence in Chirimba, Blantyre.

    “My album will be on the market as soon as I finish my studio work. I am currently planning to shoot videos of the released singles,” he said.

    The song Asiye azikamba depicts real life issues.

    “There are some groups of people who are always sticking their nose in other people’s business; they always wish their friends bad lack. They are always happy when their friends are in trouble and they always speak ill about others,” said Waache.

    “This song encourages those who are not wished well not to be discouraged by what others are talking about them but keep moving with life.”

    Waache disclosed that his album has featured several artists because it will be a fusion of different kinds of music. n

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