Mzuzu NGO touts deep-bed farming


    Mzuzu-based Tiyeni Organisation has intensified efforts in promoting deep-bed farming which studies say improves yields by 20 percent.

    The organisation has so far reached out to over 3 000 farmers in Mzuzu, Kasungu, Lilongwe and Zomba.

    On Saturday, the organisation recruited 530 more farmers in Mzimba, who were given hoes and picks worth K6.5 million.

    Some of the farmers display their hoes and peaks

    In an interview, Tiyeni executive director Isaac Chavula said the materials will help the farmers venture into deep-bed farming.

    He said the practice prevents soil erosion and retains organic matter in the soil.

    “People are advocating for pit planting. But we have found out that pit planting is still susceptible to soil erosion. That is why we are advocating deep-bed farming,” he said.

    “If farmers can adopt the system, it will also mitigate flooding because farmers are advised to have raised footpaths around the beds,” Chavula said.

    One of the beneficiaries, Nicholas Chunda, thanked the organisation for the donation and for introducing the rural masses to the new system of farming. n

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