Lucius’ MCP performance sparks storm


    Musician Lucius Banda’s performance at the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) rally in Ngabu last weekend has sparked debate among his fans with some linking him to the opposition party.

    But the musician has since countered the accusations, saying, “some Malawians don’t understand his role as a musician” in the country.

    Controversy: Lucius performing at MCP rally in Ngabu last week

    Some of Lucius’ fans started reacting on his Facebook page when he posted about his performance at the MCP rally in Ngabu.

    One of his fans, Henry Bamusi, wrote on the musician’s official page: “But you made a very big mistake to perform at the MCP rally as we are looking forward to you as United Democratic Front [UDF] president.”

    But Lucius clarified his performance at the rally, describing it as pure business venture. He thanked MCP for giving him, alongside his Zembani Band, such a business.

    “The best way mungobwera kwathu mzakupatseni ma bill anga mudzindilipirira bwana……kuti ndisiye kukaimbako [if you want me to stop, please help me paying my bills],” said Lucius.

    He said this was not his first or last time to perform at a political rally after being booked together with Zembani Band.

    Lucius urged Malawians to separate his music from his political career.

    “I am an artist before politics and I should make it clear to my fans or Malawians that performing at any political party has nothing to do with politics but business. I and my Zembani Band earn a living through music. It is source of our employment,” he said.

    His reaction was corroborated by one of his band members Sam Smak Simakweli who said: “Honestly, as Zembani crew, whenever we see a booking we see food on the table plus school fees for our children. So, it pains to the fullest when we see some people hiring us and then drop us for unknown reasons.”

    In recent years, musicians have been performimg at political rallies with some producing songs that praise leaders. A vivid example is Phungu Joseph Nkasa who has produced a song called Yoswa, which praises President Peter Mutharika, who is also the leader of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). n

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