Bushiri dismisses ‘satanism’ allegations


    Enlightened Christian Gathering’s (ECG) Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has dismissed Senior Chief Lundu’s remarks as smacking of character assassination and violating freedom of worship.

    Speaking during a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) rally in Chikwawa at the weekend, Senior Chief Lundu ordered ECG to leave his area, alleging that Bushiri is harbouring political ambitions. The chief also said he does not condone evil practices.

    But in a statement issued yesterday, Bushiri’s communications director Ephraim Nyondo faulted Lundu for the remarks, saying they are against “freedom of worship” enshrined in the country’s Constitution.

    Bushiri: We will not tolerate provocation

    “As ECG we will not tolerate such provocations and we believe Lundu will quickly return to his normalcy so that he appreciates the gravity of his remarks.

    “We, therefore, want to make it clear to Lundu and everybody who shares his thinking that Malawi, including the area he operates, is a Republic not a kingdom. Hence, as long as Malawi remains a Republic not a kingdom, our church will legally continue to operate anywhere in Malawi,” he said.

    However, in an interview yesterday Paramount Lundu confirmed having uttered the allegations during a political rally conducted by the governing DPP at Nchalo in Chikwawa on Saturday.

    “I have enough evidence, but I don’t want to comment further. I have a tape recording and if you were to meet me you would listen and hear it for yourself,” he said in a brief telephone interview.

    However, some ECG members say they fear being attacked by overzealous villagers.

    Meanwhile, gender activist Emma Kaliya has condemned Senior Chief Lundu’s remarks, saying he has gone too far and needs to respect the country’s Constitution. n

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