Newcastle Fans Split On Whether Signing Jack Wilshire At £20M Would Be A Good Deal


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In the article we wrote earlier today we were not too sure signing 25-year-old Arsenal playmaker Jack Wilshire for £20M from Arsenal was a good deal for the club.

That seems a lot of money to pay for a player who has had constant injury problems throughout his career although when he’s fit and at his best, he’s an excellent technical footballer.

We put out a poll out this morning on whether signing Jack would be a good deal for Newcastle at £20M and 60% say no.

And on Twitter fans seems more positive about signing the player who has been at Arsenal all his career and spent last season on loan at Bournemouth, where we didn’t he impressed all that much.

Jack Wilshire in Arsenal colors
Here are the poll results so far.

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And here are some typical comments fans are making on Twitter regarding Jack Wilshire this Sunday morning – most seem positive.

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