Bushiri breaks racial boundaries with charity: Donates to an all white shelter for homeless in SA


    After reaching out to three orphanages in South Africa, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri soldiered on with his ZAR 20 million charity programme on Thursday by donating food items and ZAR 100 000 to Kroondal Shelter for the Homeless perched in the outskirts of the city of Rustenburg.

    Prophet Bushiri carrying food stuffs which he was donating

    Bushiri speaking at the shelter where he donated food and money

    The Shelter has over 26 individuals and 18 families—to which the Prophet, further, gave ZAR 5 000 to each individual and ZAR 10 000 to each family.

    Founded by Joannie Duplessis, the Shelter has several homes meant to accommodate and feed individuals and families who, out of various circumstances, have found themselves homeless.

    Making the gesture, the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) leader underlined that he, through his charity arm Beacon of Hope, gives not because he has a lot of money.

    He said giving is part of his calling and as long as he is still around he will not stop.

    “Giving demonstrates God’s love to humanity. People are able to see and appreciate God through our giving. This is because God cannot come from heaven to give to those who are not privileged. God works through us, we are the hand of God,” he said.

    The Prophet, popularly known as Major One, called on Christians across the world to appreciate the power of giving and make a habit to help those less privileged.

    Duplessis hailed the Prophet, underlining he has indeed seen the love of God through the gesture.

    “What he has done to us will remain a memory in our history. Besides the money and everything, he has told us to partner with him in all our areas of need. This should only b God,” he said.

    The visit at Kroondal is just part of the series of charitable gestures the Prophet is making as part of the ZAR 20 million charity programme he announced on Monday.

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