Malawian artists impress at Turbine Art Fair in SA


    Malawian artists Nisty Wizy and Jimmy Malinga have made an impression during the just-ended Turbine Art Fair in Johannesburg, South Africa.

    The two, who were in the company of British artist Annette Ashworth, exhibited paintings at the four-day arts fair.

    The artists, who were representing The Frisson Art Gallery in Lilongwe, said they have established networks and avenues of selling their artworks.

    “We were exhibiting Malawian landscapes and abstracts,” said Malinga.

    He added: “This was our first time to exhibit at Turbine Art Fair and it is a big fair. To manage to sell some of our artworks is not an easy game.”

    At the fair, there were over 50 galleries of major visual artists of that country.

    Commenting on her experience, Ashworth who took the Malawian artists to the fair, said the fair, which has been happening annually for five years in Johannesburg, was worthwhile.

    “The response which we got was overwhelming. Our artists exhibited paintings and many who came to the fair appreciated them,” she added.

    According to its official website, the fair is a platform for galleries, curators and other art organisations to promote emerging and established talents in an accessible and enjoyable way.

    It adds that in doing this the fair aims at promoting new work and talent as well as creating a new art audience and collector base.

    The Fair took place from July 13 to 17.

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