Jacob Murphy’s First Interview – He Explains His Strong Geordie Roots – Destined To Play For Newcastle


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Jacob Murphy has given his first interview today with the Chronicle and his Mom is from Birtley and his Dad is from Ashington and the rest of his family are in Gateshead – so he definitely has Geordie roots.Jacob Murphy’s First

Jacob talks about the great Alan Shearer being a God on Tyneside and he’s right about that although Rafa Benitez is quickly making a name for himself.

It’s clear that Jacob – and maybe his twin brother Josh later – can be part of the Rafa revolution that’s taking place at Newcastle.

And here is the photo of the potential Murphy twins when they are less than a year old so it’s prophetic they are wearing the Newcastle strip of the time – well – when you have Geordie parents – what can we say?


I’m pretty sure that’s Jacob on the left …. 🙂
They are laughing because we just won – again

Here’s what Jacob has said today in his very first interview:

“My mother is from Birtley, my dad a little further up in Ashington, and the rest of my family are all from Gateshead.” “They’ve always been Newcastle fans so that’s who I chose to follow.”

“The first game I went to with my brother, my dad took us to watch it, was against PSV Eindhoven in the UEFA Cup.”

“It was a 2-1 win with Alan Shearer and Gary Speed getting the goals.” “I watched Laurent Robert and Olivier Bernard when I was growing up.”

“They used to really stick out.” “Laurent Robert had a wand of a left-foot and used to cannon everything in.”

“Alan Shearer is a God at Newcastle, you can’t forget some of those names.”

“Last season with Norwich none of the boys could hear each other – all you could hear was the fans.”

“I wanted to be part of that when I heard I had the opportunity to come and play here.”

“That photo (shown above) was taken many, many years ago.” “It’s a really nice picture.”

“The smiles on mine and Josh’s faces – maybe we were destined to be here.”

“It’s a nice picture and my family love it as well.”

It’s great to have Jacob on board – can’t wait to see him play in a Newcastle shirt.

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