Hilco makes impressive musical inroads 


    Hilda Ulalo, popularly known by the stage name Hilco, has taken the country’s music industry by storm.

    Apart from incredible musical chords in her songs, including the latest Chi Bae, which drops today, Hilco is fast becoming another gallant female singer who is making overpowering features on numerous musical collaborations with male artists.

    Hilco: I’m excited to be recognised

    Among other collaborations, Hilco has featured rapper Young D on Ndimakhala Ndimantha, Passenger on, Ndine Okwatila and Jay Jay Cee on Okongola Sanyada.

    “I am excited to be recognised by male artists who are seeking my services. I don’t take this for granted because it symbolises the great potential and talent which God gave me. I am even motivated to do more,” said Hilco.

    For the industry, which is male-dominated, it takes great potential for a female to break through. But Hilco has proved to be a force to reckon with.

    “With an effective management, she is destined to rise and represent the female bloc better,” observed DJ Fraternal of Malawi Broadcasting Corporation’s (MBC) Radio 2 FM.

    Apart from Chi Bae, Hilco has released other popular singles such as Touch and Go, Ekizakitile and Chekecheke, which continue to enjoy massive air play.

    She however has called for support, particularly from male artists.

    “There must be mindset change towards female artists because they are just like their male counterparts trying to establish themselves. Stereotype is not healthy for the growth of female artists and the music industry, as a whole,” said Hilco.

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