Newcastle Fans Have Their Say On Jacob Murphy


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Newcastle fans have taken to Twitter about the Jacob Murphy potential deal – and there are various estimates as to how much the lad will cost.

It looks like £10M will not do it – if Newcastle bid that today – which is expected.

But there are indications that £10M with £2M add-ons if Jacob does well at Newcastle – could get the deal done, but Norwich are also reported to be digging in their heels on the price.

Surely we cannot go through another long drawn-out bartering war with another club and come away with nothing?

Yes – we suppose it’s possible, but at some point Newcastle have to bite the bullet and pay the going price for a good young player who Rafa wants.

This has all been painful so far – the way Newcastle are negotiating – it’s the old (stingy) Newcastle in action.

It’s worth paying an extra (measly) £2M for Jacob at this stage of the summer just to get another player into the club!

We should remember we’ll probably get £125M next May from the Premier League and at some point Newcatsle must look at the bigger picture, rather than simply trying to get a good deal for every single transfer.

Here are some typical comments about Jacob Murphy who was a Newcastle fan when young and has Tyneside roots.

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