Sonyezo’s Lokolo certified best seller in Malawi 


    Sonyezo’s latest song, Lokolo is the current best selling song in Malawi, just after one month of release; this is despite the record being put on sale. This is according to Malawi Music Store, the country’s leading platform for hosting, streaming, and purchasing music. Lokolo takes over from Tay Grins, Vanessa Mdee feature ‘Tola,’ which Sonyezo also produced and made an amazing appearance on. Tola has been the best selling song since April 2017. Both artists are selling units through local payment platforms: Mpamba, Airtel money, National Bank of Malawi, PayPal, and PayGo. Lokolo is Sonyezo’s first song to ever be released for sale and the response to it is overwhelming. 
Sonyezo extends gratitude for the feat achieved. “It’s awesome to see the support and appreciation of my music “fams” (family) are showing me,” he said. The serial hitmaker says “I’ve always put out singles for free and this time, it was risky because I’ve never sold a single, just my previous album.” “This is a motivation to put out more quality products (my music) that can sell worldwide” said Sonyezo. Authentic street Malawian music, fused with modern vibes, and a touch of Sonyezo’s enchanting magical voice, production is what has captivated the people in Lokolo. The use of an actual guitar, live in the studio, the beautiful voice of songbird Lilia, captures the village dance spirit versus town dance in an amazing way. The news comes amid skepticism in the country on whether migrating to online music purchase, is indeed the future of how artists benefit from their art and percentages. This is considering the wide-spread piracy both here in Malawi mainly through the usage of social networking sites like What’sApp and Malawians love for free downloads. Malawi Music store in a response to the future outlook, said “the sales are increasing daily, most people visiting the store are purchasing more than 1 song at a time.” In addition the store says demographics indicate there is a high number of female music purchasers. “We have also noticed that it’s mostly female customers buying the most music.” The hitmaker has two projects coming up this month. ‘MAMA,’ a collaborative feature with Nigerian gentleman Ric Hassani and fellow Malawian Tay Grin, comes out ‪on July 12.‬ The other one is a feature on Martse’s untitled upcoming album called ‘Anyapapi’ set for release ‪on July 17, 2017‬. Both songs are smash hits. :


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