Men working ahead! Video clip shows MCP bound Sidik Mia hitting the ground running

    Mia- MCP bound

    Maravi Post has learnt that Honorable Sidik Mia, whom Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President Professor Lazarus Chakwera has been coaxing to join his party, has already started working with the party—making party structures in the Lower Shire—in readiness of his official joining of the party.

    In a video clip which has gone viral on the social media which Maravi Post has seen, multitudes of ecstatic leaders are seen chanting his name in a jam packed hall.

    “The function took place yesterday and it was right here in Bangula, Nsanje,” a Maravi Post reader who witnessed the function confirmed.

    Unconfirmed reports also indicate that Mia will be officially joining the party probably this week.

    Political commentators say Mia’s joining of the party will mean that the old party is serious in its rebuilding exercise, a development which can make it stand realistic chance of winning the 2019 elections.

    Recently, Afro barometer released findings of its survey which indicated that MCP, with Chakwera as its leader, would win the Malawi Presidency if elections were to be conducted the time the Survey was conducted.

    Maravi Post will keep you updated. Watch the Video clip by clicking here.



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