Kumbu back with Nangondo, disowns gay rumours


    One of the country’s R and B musicians Kumbu has announced the release of his new single titled My Nangondo amid controversy linking him to homosexuality.

    Speculations were rife on social media that Kumbu is gay following a leaked WhatsApp conversation with an unidentified girl whom he is alleged to have rebuffed.

    Set to release single: Kumbu

    But Kumbu disowned the rumours, saying it is a smear campaign aimed at tarnishing his image.

    “There are several Kumbu wannabes out there who masquerade as Kumbu the musician. But the truth of the matter is that Kumbu is clean. I am a straight forward guy,” he said.

    Nowadays, it has become a fashion for musicians to stage controversial media stunts aimed at propping up support for their forthcoming projects such as singles or videos. Some reach the extent of faking their own death to get publicity.

    But Kumbu said his new projects have nothing to do with the scandal.

    “The new project is all about originality. I have taken a lot of time to come up with a touch that Malawi wants to associate with,” he said.

    Kumbu also said he has changed music approach to music to fit the needs of the current music industry.

    “I have and still work with a couple of influential producers with different expertise to maximise the quality of music production,” he said.

    Daredevilz, I Trax, J mass, DJ Sley, Stitch Fray, Steve Spesho, Ben of Mtanda Media are some of the producers currently working with Kumbu.

    He is also looking forward to working with Gaffar and Sonyezo of Lokolo fame.

    Kumbu will also be releasing another single produced by Excess anytime.

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