Veep Chilima talks tough on Malawi economic independence, development


    Malawi is capable of developing and attaining economic growth if the country started doing things correctly but “not the politically correct way”, Vice President Dr. Saulos Chilima has said.

    Chilima e Sacrament of the Eucharist.

    Chilima praying

    Chilima speaking at Zomba Cathedra

    Chilima was speaking Saturday at Zomba Cathedral where he attended the launch of Strategic Plan for the Catholic Diocese of Zomba aimed at making the diocese economically self-reliant

    Chilima said by launching the strategy, Zombadiocese was showing a “picture of the need to be self-reliant by liberating ourselves from relying on others”.

    To encourage the diocese that what it had embarked on was achievable, the veep gave the example of Rwanda which he said was focused and on the move.

    “From the ashes of genocide in 1994, Rwanda is on the move and is rising as a strong economy through focus and tough decisions similar to what you are embarking on today as a diocese,” said Chilima.

    The Vice President also cited Singapore as another country which he said decided that enough was enough, and rallied its people together to achieve economic independence and economic growth.

    “Just like what you are doing today, the story of Singapore inspires me. It is a story of a country that agreed to do things correctly not the politically correct way,” he said.​

    Chilima said in 1965, very few people gave Singapore any chance of survival after it was granted independence with no valid infrastructure to point at.

    “However, through resolute leadership, focus and a strategic plan of where they wanted to be, Singapore is now a thriving Asian metropolis with not only one of the world’s top airlines, best airports and largest port but also the world’s fourth highest per capita income,” said the Vice President.

    He said Singapore is a classic example of what happens when a diocese or a country decidesto be self-reliant by seriously pursuing development the correct way.

    Not done with examples, the Vice President also mentioned Dubai which he said transformed itself from a desert to a well-developed nation on the global stage in just 40 years.

    Quoting Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum the ruler of Dubai and PrimeMinister of the Federal Government of the United Arab Emirates in his book titled Flashes of Thought, Chilima said the future belongs to those who generate ideas.

    “If we inculcate a culture of achieving excellence, we will grow our diocese then our mother church and finally create a positive and lasting impact on our motherland,” Chilima said.

    The Vice said he believes Malawi has the potential to gain a global edge one day.

    “The launch of the strategic plan gives us hope that while government is also doing all that it can to preach self-reliance, you as a church are taking the lead as well”.

    Earlier Bishop of Zomba Diocese, Bishop George Desmond Tambala, appealed to Christians in the diocese to domesticate and own the strategic plan.

    The task team that worked on strategic plan include Dr. Ngeyi Kanyongolo of Chancellor College, Dr. Denis Khasu, and Mr. Michael Nazombe.

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