How to Install Kodi 17.3-Krypton-Updated-July-2017


Hi guys, Today we thought we would show you how to find, download & Install The kodi Media Centre

The latest stable version available, Krypton 17.3 is a fantastic piece of FREE Open Source Software that will enable you to watch the Latest Movie Releases, your Favourite Tv Shows, Boxsets & much much more. This Updated Tutorial is intended for Newbies & we’ve tried to make it as simple as possible in a step by step style, so you can take your time & get it done, with a minimum of stress….by the end of this tutorial, you will be confident enough to install all on your own. We will show you also how to set you’re Kodi to the old school confluence skin, which I still prefer & is easier for most to navigate around. If you prefer to keep the Estuary Skin just skip part 2.

We will also show you How to Install the now famous Exodus Add-On, so that you can get straight into a movie or you’re favourite TvShow.

Keep reading all the way down to grab that.

Firstly, Head over to the kodi dowloads page & download the appropriate version for the device you wish Install kodi onto.
Download & Install the correct version for you’re device here.

There are many versions, here’s a Screen Shot Of the others that can be grabbed but you can follow the Link here>kodi downloads & Find the Android, iOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi & a Few other Versions, have a look to grab the right one for you.

Currently Krypton is The version ‘name’….. they change from time to time, as they’re updated. Kodi will Update Itself If you set it to do so, enabling you to keep up to date & NOT have to install kodi again after the first Install.

[Image: Screenshot-1320-Custom.jpg]

Ok, Now you’ve downloaded the RIGHT version, Lets Begin…

1>Once you’ve downloaded your version & see the kodi icon in your downloads folder, Double click it, just as you would if Installing any other piece of software, you will see this>

[Image: installer.png]

2>Hit NEXT, Then I AGREE & allow Kodi to Install.

Here you will see a pop up box with a few tick box options, leave them as they are & Hit NEXT>

[Image: installer2.png]

3>Hit NEXT Again when you see the Install Location pop up box, like this>

[Image: installer3.png]

4>Next you’ll see the the ‘choose start menu folder’ pop up box.

Here you can leave the tick box unticked, allowing kodi to create a handy shortcut for you to easily find it again.

[Image: Screenshot-622.png]

5>Hit Install & watch kodi Install Itself…Usually only Takes a few minutes, if that>

[Image: installer6.png]

7>Kodi is now Installed on your machine & ready to rock & roll.

[Image: Screenshot-624.png]

8>Now you can tick the ‘Run Kodi’ box & Hit FINISH & begin using your new Kodi media Centre

It’ll Look something like this, all fresh, shiney & new>

[Image: Screenshot-1345-Custom.jpg]

Ok, before we go any further, KODI 17.3 now requires you to tick Enable ‘Unknown Sources’

This will enable you to Install ANY 3rd party Add-Ons,

This is really easy. Just to the setting screen & hit System Settings

[Image: Screenshot-1344-Custom.jpg]

Ok, now we want to hit Add-Ons

[Image: Screenshot-1346-Custom.jpg]

Now just tick the ‘Unknown Sources’ to enable them & thats it

[Image: Screenshot-1347-Custom.jpg]

You will now see the ‘warning’…just hit yes

[Image: Screenshot-1355-Custom.jpg]
You are now ready to Install some Add-Ons…

Part 2

Now if you prefer the old confluence skin, from kodi 16(Jarvis) & earlier Kodi versions & are more used to that…just head for settings(the little cog), shown below

[Image: Screenshot-1345-Custom-1.jpg]

Head for interface settings

[Image: Screenshot-1348-Custom.jpg]

Ok now hit Skin

[Image: Screenshot-1349-Custom.jpg]

Next hit the Get More icon & select confluence, this will give you back the look of Jarvis (KODI 16) or other earleier Kodi versions.

[Image: Screenshot-1351-Custom.jpg]

Now you will see it asking you if you would like to keep the new skin, hit yes

[Image: Screenshot-1356-Custom.jpg]

Now you’re setup will look like Jarvis once again…

[Image: Screenshot-1322-Custom.jpg]

That’s It Guys, Job Done.

Installation complete…..confluence skin Installed, & Your Now Ready To Load Up Your any add-on you want, with which Ever content suites your requirements.

Hit any one of these Add-Ons in the Add-On Installer & Hit Install.

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