Delighted Fans React To Florian Lejeune Finally Signing On At Newcastle United


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Newcastle fans woke up this morning and around 8:30 am is when Newcastle reported they had indeed signed 26 year-old Florian Lejeune on a five year deal – a player we had been after for several weeks.

Florian has been interviewed on nufcTV and he comes across as very down to earth and he is determined to do well at Newcastle.

He said it took some time to get the deal done but that was between the clubs – so maybe he was even a little frustrated it took so long – he also said his short time at Manchester City was strange.

26 year-old Florian Lejeune – delighted to join Newcastle United
He seems a good lad and he seems to have adapted well to most football challenges in the past and he could become a stellar buy for us and it’s clear Rafa knew about him since he was at Villarreal way back in 2011.

So Rafa definitely wanted him and Florian said that made the difference and he was happy to join Newcastle, which he said was one of the big clubs in England.

He spoke in French so he said it was important he learned the English language quickly – and that’s true.

These are some of the reactions from fans on Twitter who welcomed him warmly to Newcastle United.

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