India query Malawi over dentist immigration status:  Demand answers on deportation of tax-evading, racist businessman More


    The government of India through its High Commission in Malawi has queried Malawi Government on why the Immigration Department ordered an Indian dentist to return him after his employment payment has expired.

    Indian High Commissioner Kumar Menon: The High Commission would appreciate if the results of the investigation by the Malawi Government are kindly conveyed to the Mission at the earliest possible [time] for our necessary action

    The Indian High Commissiom has also demanded answers why Malawi immigration authorities deported Chandrashaker More an Indian businessman.

    But authorities say the Indian dentist should regularise his immigration status.

    Meanwhile, Rumphi East Member of Parliament (MP) Kamlepo Kalua , has said Indians like any other foreign nationals should repect the laws of the land and there should be no diplomatic immunity to law breakers.

    He expressed disappointment that India High Commission was pushing Malawi over More who evaded K20 million which he owed Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) and had been jumping bail granted by the Malawian court.

    More was also accused of uttering racial slurs to police officers and a Magistrate.

    The Indian despite owing the public tax collector and breaking the law still wants to be treated in a special way because he has money and can be regarded as an investor.

    Kalua raised the matter in Malawi Parliament.

    “How does an Indian High Commissioner call [More] an investor when this person has not filled his account for the past years with MRA? How does Malawi need such investors when they don’t even respect our MRA?” querried Kalua.

    He expressed concern that Indian High Commission is so interested with More and has been asking Malawi to give him high powered security .

    Klaua was apparently referring to a letter which Indian High Commission sought for security escort for Moore and his Indian lawyer.

    “This is the same person who was shouting racists’ remarks at Malawi Police officers and dragging State House into disrepute,” said Kalua.

    The letter dated March 21 2017, Indian High Commission sought service sof two armed security guards from Malawi Police to guard More and his lawyer.

    More’s lawyer Justin Dzonzi said the Indian was on court bail on the tax evasion matter, left for India in 2015 after the court allowed him to travel but fell sick while there and his business permit expired in October 2015, meaning he could not have returned without applying for one.

    The Indian, who owns a company in the name of Mansi International, has challenged that he will come back to Malawi by all means necessary.

    A governance lobby group, Forum for National Development (FND) through its director Fyson Chodzi asked government not to let the businessman be treated as above Malawi laws.

    “Malawi – being a constitutional democracy- demands that all citizens be equal under the supreme law of the land regardless of race, tribe and creed. We understand Mr More has been shielded by the Indian High Commission in Malawi thereby facilitating his jumping bail. This is an act in contempt of the law of the land. The FND hereby calls on government to see to it that Mr More is brought in to face all charges related to his misdoings,” reads part of the statement.

    The lobby group says it is also troubled by the conduct of Moore for insulting police officers during his re-arrest at Lilongwe Magistrate Court.

    “We are also concerned with how Mr More reacted to his arrest by using vulgar and demeaning language towards law enforcers. It is not right for him or any other person to call police officers ‘plebeians’ and challenging them that he would be out of police cell within 48 hours owing to his connections.

    “Further to that we understand that the businessman insulted the Magistrate, which led to the case coming up for hearing on Thursday. We find such arrogance unacceptable and demeaning to our judicial officers,” FND also adds.

    “Such a vile conduct vindicates our fears that Mr More relies on his connections with either people at the Indian High Commission or within Malawi Government to cut corners in his operations.”

    The group says it will stay focused on the issue to the end as they want to see justice prevail.

    Of late indigenous Malawians have been complaining that Malawians of Asian origin and Indian businesses are treated with kid gloves when it comes to trade and tax rules. FND’s stand therefore comes as a new wave of lobbying for fair trade practices to all Malawians and investors.

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