How to Install Prism VOD – kodi


Hi guys, with the recent ups & downs throughout the community, & many of the best & most stable Add-Ons relocating or just disappearing, we thought we would attempt to keep up & bring you a few lesser known Add-Ons that seem to be working & filling the void left behind by the Bigger Boys. Today we will take a look at Prism VOD, a cool little Add-On that has a multitude of content, including 1080 & 720 & 480 movies, TvShows etc etc. Now this one contains 11 main Sections incorperating what you would expect from a VOD Add-On…Movies, TvShows, BoxSets, Documentaries, Kids Section, Sports VOD, Music, Stoners Place, fishing & an IMDB Top 100. Cool, right….Lets get this on up & running1/ Firstly we want to just open up youre kodi & hit File manager on the home page [Image: Screenshot-170-Custom-1024x576.jpg]2/ Next we want to hit Add Source[Image: Screenshot-171-Custom-1024x576.jpg]3/ Ok, now hit the box labelled NONE[Image: Screenshot-172-Custom-1024x576.jpg]4/ Now we need to enter our source Url which is, hit Ok…[Image: Screenshot-174-Custom-1024x576.jpg]5/ Now hit the lower box & give the source a name, here we will use PRISM, hit Done.[Image: Screenshot-197-Custom-1024x576.jpg]5/ Ok, now head back to the home screen & hit System[Image: Screenshot-169-Custom-1024x576.jpg]7/ Next head for Add-Ons[Image: Screenshot-177-Custom-1024x576.jpg]8/ Now head for Install from zip file[Image: Screenshot-178-Custom-1024x576.jpg]9/ Now hit Prism[Image: Screenshot-179-Custom-1024x576.jpg]10/ Now hit[Image: Screenshot-180-Custom-1024x576.jpg]11/ Now wait for the Add-On enabled notification[Image: Screenshot-181-Custom-1024x576.jpg]12/ Now head for Install for repository[Image: Screenshot-182-Custom-1024x576.jpg]13/ Now we want to hit Prism Repository[Image: Screenshot-183-Custom-1024x576.jpg]14/ Now hit Video Add-Ons[Image: Screenshot-184-Custom-1024x576.jpg]14/ Now hit Prism VOD[Image: Screenshot-185-Custom-1024x576.jpg]15/ Next we want to hit Install[Image: Screenshot-186-Custom-1024x576.jpg]16/ Now just wait for the Add-On enabled notification[Image: Screenshot-187-Custom-1024x576.jpg]17/ Now Prism VOD is installed, just head back to you’re kodi home screen & hit Videos/Add-Ons & you will see Prism VOD in there, waiting for you to hit the latest movies Or TvShows…Enjoy.

Here’s a sneak peak inside so you can check out if it’s for you. It has to be said I was nicely surprised by this one…Works well to date.

[Image: Screenshot-190-Custom-1024x576.jpg]And here’s a sample of what can be found in the various NEW movies section, pretty current I’d say[Image: Screenshot-192-Custom-1024x576.jpg][Image: Screenshot-193-Custom-1024x576.jpg]And her’s a look at what’s NEW in the TvShows Section currently[Image: Screenshot-194-Custom-1024x576.jpg][Image: Screenshot-195-Custom-1024x576.jpg]Don’t forget guys, you can follow us on Twitter hereOr Facebook here Why not try out our NEW IPTV service?Up to 500 Channels In FHD Or HD with full back up on Independent servers…so NO downtime even if we do have any instability, which is rare.Full tutorials & a great Epg are included as well as cool NEW Forum.Grab a free trial here


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