KODI – Exodus Alternatives – Tried & Tested


KODI – Exodus Alternatives


Exodus is one of the most popular KODI addons, but some people may be looking for good Kodi Exodus alternatives.

Exodus is a multi-source Kodi addon. This means that every time a movie or TV show is queried, multiple (over 40) websites are searched and streaming links returned. Movie and TV titles, information, and playlists (such as most popular) are pulled from services called moviedb and TVDB.
A few months ago, Exodus’ original developer, lambda, retired from the Kodi community. Some excellent developers have stepped up to take over development of Exodus, but we believe in free choice for all. With that in mind, here are some popular Kodi Exodus alternatives who fit the description above, as well as a few other twists.

Kodi Exodus Alternatives

Stream All The SourcesThe original of the Exodus alternatives, Stream All The Sources by tknorris has been around even longer than Exodus. Tknorris works endlessly to fix sources in the add-on and provide plenty of links for movies and TV shows.
Velocity Developed by BlazeTamer, Velocity is a multi-source Kodi addon with few sources. This allows for quicker searching and faster results. Alive for over a year, Velocity is one of the great Exodus alternatives.
UkTurksOne of the largest & oldest of the Exodus alternatives, UkTurks similarly scrapes tons of websites for content.

PheonixThis Add-On has been around for ages & provides an extremely wide range of content in varying qualities. Multiple developers have their own sections hosting content from movies, TvShows to documentaries & tutorials.

There are many many more options out there & more being released on a daily basis it seems. Check out our KODI section for a ton of Kodi tutorials & tipsNtricks for you’re Xbmc set up.


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