Bushiri dismisses prophecy claims on war, bloodshed in Zambia: ‘Simply fake news’


    Founder and leader of Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) Prophet Shepherd has denied media reports that he prophesised war and bloodshed in Zambia.

    Prophet Bushiri prayed for all African nations and their leaders ‘to ensure that peace prevails on the continent’.

    ECG worshipers from all nations welcome Bushiri in Pretorial church

    Bushiri also had Malawi in his Easter prayers

    Prophetess Mary Bushiri

    ECG communications director Ephraim Nyondo has called such reports ‘grossly untrue, misleading, aimed at destroying, not building’.

    Zambia-based Lusaka Times online publication and Blantyre -based Malawi24 online news site carried stories alleging Prophet Bushiri, during the Easter Sunday Service, prophesised that there will be war and bloodshed in Zambia.

    But the church’s communication director underlined that Prophet Bushiri never made such a prophecy regarding Zambia during the Sunday Service.

    He said the Prophet, during the Sunday Service in Pretoria, prayed for all African nations and their leaders ‘to ensure that peace prevails on the continent’.

    “Our services are aired live on Prophetic Channel and on YouTube. Further, we also carry live updates on Prophet Bushiri’s official Facebook page, Prophet Bushiri’s official Instagram, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri. None of these outlets carried such a prophecy because it was not made.

    “That is why we are surprised with the Zambia National House of Prayer Advisory Board which is making the allegation of the prophecy. We do not even know where the Board got such information,” he said.

    Nyondo further said they will write the Board to either authenticate their claim or withdraw the statement.

    Bushiri has since rubbished the reports as “simply fake news.”

    ECG strongly believes the “fake news” is work of the church’s detractors, mostly frustrated individuals who were fired for various wrongdoings.http://https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOzBBDtJSFI&feature=youtu.be

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