Christians around the world, observe Holy Week: Palm Sunday, followed by Good Friday and Easter (Celebration Sunday), and Jews commemorate Pasech

    Jesus Christ the saviour

    Members of the Christian and Jewish faiths have been celebrating the Holy Week since last Sunday and Wednesday this past week.

    While the Jews are commemorating the Pasech (Passover), a tradition from the time of the prophet Moses led the Hebrew nation out of Egypt into the Promised land; Christians on the other hand, commemorate the moments 2000 years ago when Jesus entered Jerusalem riding on a donkey, washed his disciples’ feet and then had what is called the Last Super.

    Jesus was later captured by Roman guards, and crucified on a tree after a court trail on trumped-up charges. This was on Friday. Ever since Christians commemorate the day with parades/walks similar to the ordeal Jesus faced.

    On Sunday, Christians celebrate the rising from the dead of Jesus with masses and services.

    The Jewish commemoration of Pesach 2017 began on Monday, April 10 at sunset, and it will end on Tuesday, April 18 at nightfall.

    The Maravi Post wishes Christians and Jews blessed commemorations of the special festivities.



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