Of Peter Mutharika’s 100 percent tolerance to corruption


    “People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.”
    Alan Moore

    If you want to know if you have a president worth your vote, confront him with an urgent people-anchored challenge. If he swiftly designs a strategy to fix what’s amiss, then, you know you have a leader.

    But Malawi, at the time corruption has become the household name, has proved to be embroiled in leadership crisis and leaders have demonstrated their cling to archaic politics of arrogance in executing matters of national interest. Let me extend my sincere applause to Mr. Charles Kajoloweka together with his fellow activists for seeking an injunction restraining the minister of agriculture from executing duties to pave way for investigation in the k26 billion maize-gate scandal. That is the way to go as calling for Peter Mutharika and his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to root out corruption and bring sanity in Malawi is a waste of time.

    After making several appeals for this government to instill fiscal discipline and root out corruption and public theft in President Mutharika and his minions as well as followers are dead deaf to take heed of the calls for sanity in the country. Our appeals have been constructive and peaceful, we have neither hidden our identities nor have we personalized our quest for a better Malawi to one individual. Our quest and appeal have been for the government and Peter Mutharika to lead the campaign to infuse and instill sanity in Malawi. This call for sound leadership is not because of Mutharika and his DPP; even if the ruling party or president was anybody else we could still make this appeal. The mess, marring in our country ever since one party state was abolished, need to be flushed into the toilet.

    Peter Mutharika: Accused of shielding corrupt officials

    Malawians were expecting the coming of the fifth government to be the shepherd that would rid of the perpetual leadership bankruptcy, unfortunately Peter Mutharika and his party the DPP have proved that we are adding the days of mess and multiplying the years of agony and suffering.

    Last time I cautioned the president to tread carefully when hiring people that sits next to him or cadets who will be defending or protecting him. Today I expose the evidence that will make him and DPP to know that he is surrounded by rotten people that are bent towards destroying him from within.

    Mutharika, instead of taking action against his allies who are stealing from the already shrinking government pulse, has resorted to hiring young men to defend his administration in the face of wave of criticisms amid bad governance rocking the country. Two young boys with the numbers +265888785364 and +26599286 6163 are hired to fight for DPP and Peter Mutharika. The money hungry young men have mastered the art of fabricating lies to discredit anyone criticizing the government. Noticing my pace in the fight against mediocrity in government departments, they cooked stories branding as one of the cash gate beneficiaries, and they also lied to say I was in Malawi when I haven’t been home since 2012.

    Showing their intellectual bankruptcy, they went on threatening to deal with me accordingly if I continue exposing nasty things in the government. But this piece stands to remind the law professor that you don’t threaten people who are truth tellers and patriots with death, it shows you are cowards and are hiding something serious in your hands.
    Failing to root out corruption and stop state theft has made DPP to be the party of murderers.
    DPP and Peter Mutharika must know in disregard to how many lives they may kill but the voice of truth fighting for a corrupt free and theft free nation will never stop till all thieves are apprehended. Saunders Jumah the Utopian is one of the voices but there are over 16 million voices fighting the same cause.

    Time when free speech combined with truthful talk could send one to the grave went with Kamuzu Banda. Time when freedom to express could land one in prison, went with the old Malawi Congress Party. Which is why I say DPP is a rotten system not worth anticipating to transforming and reforming our country. Voting for DPP and Peter Mutharika that is if we really voted for them; was the worst and most dangerous mistake our country ever made. This is why the Utopian is one of the shortlisted people to be killed, many more citizens are living in fear notwithstanding the scores of many that were brutalized after the ruling party lost mayoral seat to the opposition in the capital Lilongwe.
    This shows the dark part of Peter Mutharika and his ruling party that it is a party of death.

    On behalf of all patriotic Malawians I say to the government of Peter Mutharika and Peter Mutharika himself to note that “a brave man is not recognized by the number of catapults he uses to get down the giant Goliath but the way he uses the stone in the catapult.”
    Do not regret or say you were not warned when the tough gets going in Malawi. I will speak and am ready to die if it means sacrificing for my country. To some of us it is our passion to see a better and corrupt free and theft free nation. We will not stop and we are not prepared to let our beautiful country into the hands of thieves and dogs.

    The fight will continue till all thieves in the government are apprehended and see the wheel of justice rolling. You can hide evidence or shield culprits but you will never escape. It is but the truth and only the truth that will set us and our country free.

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    Saunders Jumah the Utopian.

    Member of People’s Movement for the Restoration of Malawi.
    Mzika Za Mdziko Movement.
    Malawi Freedom Network.
    Malawi Watch.



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