Shocking: Children travel ‘under’ a bus from Lilongwe to Mulanje


    Four children shocked people in Mulanje district on Tuesday after they were found under a bus where they had been hiding for 15 hours to get to Blantyre from Lilongwe.

    The children are said to have hidden under the bus heading for Mulanje via Blantyre on Monday evening at around 9pm.

    Mulanje police spokesperson Gresham Ngwira confirmed the incident adding that the four children were discovered when people were off-loading luggage from one of the luggage storage sections of the bus belonging to National Bus Company.

    The children captured before being taken to mpemba

    “Initially, they were destined for Blantyre to continue with street begging, however, they did not realise they had arrived there hence ended up at Muloza in Mulanje,” explained Ngwira.

    He said one of the boys’ leg was seen hanging outside the mudguard and that was when they were discovered and pulled out.

    “When asked why they ventured into such a dangerous adventure, the children answered that they were in desperate need of transport to Blantyre,” Ngwira said.

    He further added that among the four, one is aged 11 and comes from Lilongwe, another 12 from Dowa while the remaining two are both about 13 years old and from Blantyre and Mangochi respectively.

    Mulanje District Social Welfare Officer Robert Sawiche said the children escaped from Chisomo Children’s Home in Lilongwe where they were being taken care of after being picked from the streets of Lilongwe.

    According to Sawiche, despite being so dirty, the children looked health and energetic even though they travelled in that condition for long hours.

    They have since been taken to Mpemba Boy’s Home for care and protection following an order by Mulanje Magistrate’s Court.

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