Tottenham Hotspur 3-2 West Ham United: Premier League – as it happened


Spurs nearly lost their unbeaten record; instead they came away with the most dramatic of wins.

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Well, that was quite the finish! West Ham looked on course for victory, Spurs bereft of ideas. But Heung-min Son sparked into life at the end, and his two bursts down the left set up two goals for the hero Harry Kane. What a comeback! All of a sudden, Spurs are just three points off the top, their unbeaten record still intact! West Ham, by contrast, would have been 12th had they held on, but instead sit just a point off the relegation places. How quickly things can change in football, eh.

90 min +6: Reid goes up for a high ball with Kane. His forearm toks the top of Kane’s head. It looks accidental, but the referee shows West Ham’s captain a second yellow. He’s off, and how quickly things have turned very sour indeed for the Hammers.

90 min +5: Kouyate has a smash from distance, cutting in from the right. It’s blocked easily enough.

90 min +4: That’s 17 goals for Kane in his last 16 London derbies!

90 min +3: Reid is booked for a slide on Son.

90 min +2: Six added minutes were announced, by the way.

Kane hammers the ball into the bottom left, giving Randolph no chance! What a turnaround by Tottenham! This is stunning!

90 min: Son looks to have turned this game in spectacular fashion! He zips down the left again, reaches the byline, checks, and is upended by a sliding Nordtveit as he turns! Short of ideas!

Short of ideas?! Son bursts down the left. He reaches the byline, and crosses low. Randolph dives to divert, but can only tip the ball to Kane, who clips into the unguarded net! The unbeaten run is saved at the death!

87 min: The away fans giving it plenty with their song about bubbles. Spurs look short of ideas right now.

85 min: Obiang bowls Wanyama to the floor. Another free kick in dangerous territory for Spurs. First, Nordtveit comes on for Payet, West Ham looking to shore things up. Then Eriksen curls a harmless effort wide right of the goal.

83 min: Kane cuts in from the left and is unceremoniously clattered by Fernandes. A free kick, 30 yards out. And it’s wasted, taken quickly, Alli sending a dribbler towards the bottom left. Randolph claims easily.

81 min: Eriksen jinks and jigs on the right-hand corner of the West Ham box. He works enough space to wedge a cross into the mixer, but Antonio rises to head powerfully away from danger.

80 min: Kane grapples with Ogbonna and demands a penalty kick. He’s not getting it. That’s more of a 50-50 tussle than the Janssen tug. Spurs are getting a little desperate, and no wonder: the Premier League’s last unbeaten record is ten minutes (plus stoppages) from disappearing into the ether.

78 min: Antonio dribbles with pace and purpose down the middle of the park. A couple more yards, and he’d have the opportunity to slip a ball further forward for Zaza, who would be away. But Rose – on a booking remember – slides in to stop Antonio just in time. This game is poised perfectly for the neutral. Spurs need to press forward, and West Ham have the players to counter. The next quarter of an hour should be a lot of fun!

75 min: And another fine chance goes begging. Zaza should set Payet free in the box down the inside-left. He delays before passing. Payet still has half a chance to shoot, but can’t decide what to do. Eventually the ball ends up back at Zaza’s feet. He snaps a shot towards the bottom right, but Lloris has that covered all the way.

73 min: West Ham should be out of sight. Zaza sprayed a pass down the inside left channel to release Fernandes on goal. But Fernandes forgets to take the ball with him. By the time he checks his run, all the danger is gone. A chance for a one-on-one spurned.

72 min: West Ham look full of beans now. Another change for Spurs, with Son replacing Dembele.

70 min: Penalty was the correct decision there. Janssen idiotically hauled Reid back, clear as day. There was no question about it. Doubly annoyingly for Spurs, Mauricio Pochettino was preparing to take Janssen off, but didn’t want to make the sub at a set piece. Oh dear. He’s hooked him now, though, with Dele Alli coming on in his stead.

Lanzini thrashes an unstoppable penalty into the bottom left. West Ham were seriously under the cosh, but they’ve regained the lead and sent White Hart Lane into shock!

67 min: Janssen grabs Reid around the neck. Mike Dean’s not having that, and he points to the spot!

67 min: West Ham make an increasingly rare sortie into Spurs territory. A high ball forward is won by Antonio; it clatters off Rose and that’s a corner on the right. From the set piece, Cresswell picks the ball up deep and drives down the left to win another corner, this time on the other side. Payet takes, fires low, and …

65 min: Rose dribbles in from the left and drops a shoulder to pass Antonio. He’d have made it, too, but Antonio sticks out a leg and cynically brings him down. A booking for the West Ham man, and a free kick in a dangerous position. Eriksen stands over it, and tries to whip one up, down and into the top right. But it flies over the bar, and it looked like Randolph had it covered anyway.

63 min: Eriksen, Walker and Winks all have opportunities to shoot from the edge of the West Ham box. All spurn them. West Ham break upfield. Rose slides in on Antonio and picks up a booking that’ll keep him out of the game against Chelsea next weekend.

61 min: Obiang is down. He might have been the chap who stopped Rose’s screamer. If so, he did it with his fruit bowl, which he’s cupping very gingerly right now. He’ll be OK to continue. Most people wouldn’t be OK to continue. While he recovers, his manager makes a couple of changes: off come Sakho and Ayew; on come Zaza and Fernandes.

58 min: Spurs are pushing West Ham back right now. A corner on the right is hit long. Rose, coming in from the left, hits a low screamer, but it’s blocked. West Ham can’t clear. A cross comes in from the left. Dier rises to head powerfully towards the bottom right. It’s surely a goal, but Randolph kicks away with his left foot. What a reaction stop!

56 min: Walker crosses deep from the right wing. Kane, at the far post, looks to head back across goal, but his attempt to do so is blocked by Antonio. Kane claims a hand ball, and he’d have a point were Antonio not standing right next to him with his back to play, without a clue as to what’s going on. No penalty.

53 min: Winks has been Tottenham’s best player tonight, so he deserved that. White Hart Lane is bouncing. Spurs, to a man, look renewed. Walker maybe a little too re-energised: he flies into Payet and is quite rightly booked for the clatter.

Out of nothing, a goal for Spurs! And a goal for the young Premier League debutant! Rose tears down the left and whips a cross into the centre. Janssen chests down and smashes a shot towards the near corner. Randolph parries well, but the rebound breaks to Winks, who has gambled on a chance falling his way. He forces the ball into the net from close range, and races off in the style of Ricky Villa in the 1981 FA Cup final replay! What a moment for the young man!

48 min: Tottenham’s defence does appear to be in uncharacteristically dozy mood. Payet has an awful lot of time to play a pass from the pocket. He scoops forward for Ayew, but it’s no good. Had Ayew made a better run, leaving Payet an easier passing option, Spurs would have been in trouble. Then Payet goes on a hectic meander down the inside right. He breaks into the box, and is about to shoot when Vertonghen slides in brilliantly to tackle and intercept. But once again, collectively, the home defence was very sleepy. They need to wake up quicksmart.

47 min: Neither side has come out for the restart all guns blazing. A period of gentle probing, let’s say.

And we’re off again! West Ham get the second half underway. No changes by either side. Spurs have plenty of time to turn this round, though not all of their fans are confident. Here’s Chris Connor: “I’m afraid teams have found Spurs out. If you stay compact enough we can’t get through. With that said I fully expect us to claw one back and stay undefeated throughout the season and still end up in fifth. As the men in blazers say: #that’ssospursy.”

Half-time reading:

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And that’s that for the first half! A highly entertaining, fast-paced match so far. Spurs looked sharp up until West Ham’s goal, but the away side have been the more impressive since. It should make for a riveting second period. Don’t go away, now!

45 min +4: Wanyama powers down the inside-right channel and into the West Ham box. He flashes a shot wide right and high from a tight angle, a result of being hustled towards the touchline by a couple of claret-and-blue shirts.

45 min +3: Spurs stroke it around the middle, to little positive effect.

45 min +2: The board goes up for two added minutes, though both of those are taken up as Eriksen and Kouyate are given a careful once-over for concussion by the medical staff. The pair are permitted to continue.

45 min: Eriksen and Kouyate crash into each other, a purely accidental head-butt. Ooyah, oof, that registered a good seven or eight on the Glasgow-o-meter. Both players hold their poor sore noggins and roll about a bit. They’ll want to hear the half-time whistle soon. And they’ll be hoping the referee doesn’t give it too shrill a blast.

43 min: Kane flicks cutely down the left to release Rose into a little space. Rose enters the area and fizzes a low shot-cum-cross through the six-yard box. Again, there’s nobody there to convert. Spurs have been struggling to score from open play recently, and it’s not difficult to see why. Nobody’s making speculative runs.

41 min: A free kick for Spurs out on the right. Eriksen whips a dangerous high ball into the West Ham box, but Reid rises above a couple of flat-footed white shirts, clearing for a corner. The set piece comes to nothing.

39 min: Spurs see a lot of the ball for a couple of minutes. It’s all so sterile. But suddenly Kane and Janssen combine down the right, the latter firing a low ball through the West Ham six-yard box. Problem for Spurs is, there’s nobody there. Rose is the only one who spotted the possibilities, and he’s got no chance of making up the ground to poke home. Meanwhile here’s JR in Illinois: “Lee Dixon was just positing the theory that Harry Winks’ nickname in training must be Tiddly. I don’t know. Considering most footballers’ level of creativity he’s most likely called Winksy. In any case it seems to me he should really wear the number 40.”

37 min: Payet looks for the top left from the best part of 30 yards. It’s a half-decent effort, but it pings off the wall and away for a corner. I won’t waste your time by describing the resulting set piece, life’s too short.

35 min: So much for everyone calming down. Sakho drifts in from the left and is crudely body checked by Dembele. A foul. Dembele throws the ball away in disgust, and is booked for his trouble. This free kick is within Payet Range.

33 min: Eriksen floats the free kick into the box. It’s half cleared. Walker batters it back into the mixer. His shot is blocked. Kouyate attempts to break upfield at pace. Janssen, tracking back, slides in and knocks both ball and player into touch. Kouyate clatters into the benches. Slaven Bilic suddenly finds himself in the middle of a mini-melee, and he’s not happy, railing at the referee about Janssen’s challenge. But it was a hearty clatter, nothing more, and we all move on soon enough, once everyone’s calmed down.

31 min: Rose turns on the jets and flies down the left wing. He cuts inside, leaving Obiang in his wake, then is upended by a comical slide from Lanzini. A no-brainer of a booking.

28 min: Ayew looks to Bergkamp a flick over Vertonghen, tight near the right-hand corner flag. The trick comes off, but Lloris rushes across to claim. Spurs lump upfield, but West Ham are soon coming back at them, with Sakho looking to bust into space down the left. He’s never quite got the ball under control, and Dier can romp back to take it off his toe before he makes the area and thinks about shooting. But the home side are a tad discombobulated right now.

26 min: That’s brought White Hart Lane to life, though of course it’s the away fans who are giving it plenty. On the field, Spurs look equally as shocked as their fans. They’ve been on the front foot for most of the match, but all that early confidence is gone. Passes suddenly not sticking.

A game of pinball. Kouyate rises to meet the set piece and crashes a header off the crossbar. The rebound falls to Reid, 12 yards out and level with the right-hand post. Reid hits a cross-cum-shot which balloons up towards the far post. Antonio rises high and slaps a header home from close range!

23 min: Antonio bustles and fights his way down the left wing, earning a corner off Rose. The ball breaks to Lanzini on the edge of the area. His weak volley is trapped on the edge of the six-yard box by Antonio, who turns and shoots. His shot is blocked out wide right by Walker for another corner. From which…

22 min: After a fine, zippy start, there’s something of a lull. White Hart Lane simmers down for the first time, as a result.

20 min: Spurs knock it around the middle of the park awhile, just because they can.

17 min: A corner for Spurs is half cleared by West Ham. Winks, who is showing his quality from the get-go, drops deep to pick up the ball and launch another attack, slideruling a glorious pass down the inside-right which nearly releases Kane in the area. Kane earns another corner, from which nothing comes.

16 min: Winks looks the business. He zips into a acres of space down the left, nears the byline, checks, then lays off cleverly inside for Eriksen. The Dane should get a shot away – he’s inside the box with a little time – but he hesitates and the chance is gone.

14 min: So having said Spurs were beginning to get the upper hand, West Ham come straight back into it. Now it’s Antonio’s turn to cause the Spurs defence a little bother, skedaddling in from the right and looking for the top left from the edge of the box. Not quite.

13 min: Payet drops deep to pick up possession. With Tottenham’s defence all over the shop, Payet looks to release Sakho into a lot of space down the inside-left channel. His pass clacks off Sakho’s heel; had it been on line, the striker would have been clear on goal. Not entirely sure what the usually parsimonious Spurs defenders were up to there.

11 min: Kane looks to barge his way clear down the left but he’s eased into touch by Antonio. Then another phase of Spurs attack, and Kane turns infield from the left, makes space for a shot, and rips a fine effort just wide of the top-left corner. After a to-and-fro start, Spurs are beginning to see more of the ball.

8 min: Winks works himself a little space down the left. The Premier League debutant looks busy and impressive. He swings deep towards Kane. Randolph does well to rise above the striker and claim with confidence. This is lovely, bright, brash fun.

6 min: And for a second it looks like we’ve got one! Dier, in the centre circle, sweeps a fine long pass down the inside-left channel to release Eriksen into acres! He strides into the box and lashes a stunner into the top left, but it won’t count, and rightly so: he was a couple of yards offside. West Ham caught him offside more by accident than design.

5 min: Both teams are stroking it around nicely. Lanzini goes on a hectic dribble down the left, and nearly busts into the box, but Wanyama is over quickly to put a stop to his gallop. There’ll be goals in this.

3 min: Well this is a lovely bright start. Winks plays a ball down the left to release Kane into the West Ham area. Kane tries to shoot from a tight angle but can only accidentally hook the ball back to the edge of the area, where Winks shapes to Zidane an effort goalwards. He holds his body in a nice shape, but the effort floats off to the left.

2 min: West Ham start on the front foot, with a high press. Everyone with the high press these days. Ayew puts Lloris under a bit of pressure. Lloris clears. But West Ham come again. First Antonio tears down the right, but his cross is no good. Then Cresswell hares along the left. His low fizzer nearly confuses Dier, but the Spurs man guides the ball back towards his keeper, who deals with the danger.

Pochettino and Bilic embrace warmly on the touchline … and we’re off! Spurs get the ball rolling. It’s an excellent atmosphere at White Hart Lane.

No word from Mauricio Pochettino. But it’s all platitudes anyway. Sporting quotes, huh. Anyway, the teams are out: Spurs in their famous lilywhite, West Ham in their equally storied claret and blue. We’ll be off in a minute!

Slaven Bilic answers the big questions. “Adrian is not injured. Randy deserved his chance in goal. I made the change. I have named an attacking side. We have good players. We have proved we can defend as well. It’s a good side with a good balance in it. We have made no special plans for Harry Kane. We have enough defenders to mark him and stop him from scoring. It’ll be hard, we’ll have to concentrate and we’ll have to be lucky.”

Tottenham make two changes to the starting line-up in the north London derby. Harry Winks and Vincent Janssen are in; Kevin Wimmer and Heung-Min Son make way.

West Ham meanwhile replace three of the XI starters against Stoke. Darren Randolph takes over from Adrian in goal, while Winston Reid and Diafra Sakho take the places of James Collins and the suspended Mark Noble.

Tottenham Hotspur: Lloris, Walker, Dier, Vertonghen, Rose, Wanyama, Winks, Dembele, Eriksen, Kane, Janssen.
Subs: Son, Vorm, Trippier, Alli, Onomah, Wimmer, Carter-Vickers.

West Ham United: Randolph, Antonio, Reid, Ogbonna, Cresswell, Lanzini, Kouyate, Obiang, Ayew, Payet, Sakho.
Subs: Nordtveit, Feghouli, Zaza, Adrian, Collins, Fletcher, Fernandes.

… and welcome to our coverage of one of the most entertaining fixtures in recent Premier League history. Good luck calling it! Three seasons ago, West Ham came here and hammered the hosts 3-0. Ravel Morrison scored a fine solo effort for Sam Allardyce’s side; Andre Villas-Boas sat fuming in the home dugout. Quite a long time, three years, isn’t it. Two seasons back, Harry Kane had to convert the rebound from his own saved penalty to scramble a 2-2 draw for Tottenham deep into injury time. And last time round, Spurs sashayed to glory, that man Kane again the hero with a couple of goals in a 4-1 rout.

Kane could be the very chap to spark Tottenham’s slightly odd season into life. Mauricio Pochettino’s men proved their title credentials in early October by steamrollering Manchester City. Pop! There goes Pep’s air of invincibility! But they’ve not won a game in any competition since. Strange to say of a side still unbeaten in the League, but Spurs could do with gathering some momentum. Kane, missing for so long, was back to secure a draw at Arsenal before the international break. Another successful step on the striker’s comeback trail today, and Tottenham’s championship charge might be back on.

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